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Neptunes Haven

A122 Crawford Street
Australian Capital Territory 2620
P 02 6299 2191
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Neptune's Haven has been operating for nearly 30 years, Providing Friendly service and specialist advice to all of our valued Customers.

Neptunes Haven
Neptune's Haven has changed owner twice since it first opened. The current owners (A Mother Daughter Team) have been operating the buisiness since 2003. Traditionally Neptune's Haven was just an Aquarium, But with Val and Tracey's love of all things Fluffy, Things soon began to change. Neptune's haven now sells a wide range of cute and cuddly critters, including Puppies, Kittens, Bunnies, Guinea Pigs (squeakers), Birds, mice and Rats. Come on in and experience the difference when it comes to keeping pets.

At Neptune's Haven Fish are our Specialty!!!!!

We have an extensive range of Coldwater and Tropical fish, as well as a large range of African and American Cichlids, Australian Natives and Pond fish including Japanese Koi.

We have experienced and very freindly staff that will only be too happy to help with all of your aquarium fish needs.

We have some fantastic display tanks to give you some great ideas on the types of aquatic environments that you might like to create at home or work.

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