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Kerry  Webb
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   Australian Shepherds & Miniature Horses

Welcome to Ngalla Kennels

I started back in 1986 with the purchase of a collie as a present for my friend, Len. Then next year I was interested in having something to do on weekends. Try dog showing he says!

As the first girl was not purchased as a showdog I went back to the breeder and was offered another girl, pick of her litter. My very first show was the Collie Club of NSW, National Show in 1997. My girl Krystle was 3rd in her class out of 27 pups. I was hooked.

With time and research I came to learn more about our beautiful breed and a particular bloodline always caught my eye, the Corydon line.

After moving to Tasmania I was lucky enough to become friends with Mim Bester of Baqilodge Collies and purchase from her Baqilodge Evening Star who was down from two Corydon imports. Some time later Mim let me know of a proven brood bitch that was for sale, down also from a Corydon import. Tyagong Goldstars Hope came to live with me in 1993, what wonderful additions these two girls were to make to my kennel.

Australian Shepherds

With the addition of Australian Shepherds, life will never be dull. I had admired these dogs for many years before getting one myself. In 2001 I went to watch the Victorian Australian Shepherd speciality show. There in intermediate dog class was a lovely looking young blue merle male who really caught my eye, Ch Hats Creek Hitchn A Ride to Oz (Imp USA) aka Hiker. Some months later a puppy appeared in the showring here in Tasmania - sired by Hiker - I knew then that I had to find one for myself. I found there was a litter in Queensland sired by Hiker, Brenna bowled into my life in 2002 and the rest speaks for itself. These dogs are great companions, and are willing to take part in any activity you can think of! Mine love herding, and many excel in obedience, agility, tracking, search & rescue as well as flyball. Herding is great fun and it is great to see the dogs do what they were bred to do. I had a great opportunity to lease, with Kate Lorkin of Rozate Australian Shepherds a wonderful dog, Ch Windfalls Craftsman, he has now returned to USA, but puppies from him can be seen around Australia.

Miniature Horses

After lots of thought I have decided to sell a few of the mares that I have bought, some are available. If you are interested in a mare, you may want to think about having service from one of my 3 stallions. Several of the colts have now been gelded and will be available.

Plans are being made for foals for 2015, exciting times. Please contact me for further details.

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