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Welcome to Oak Grove Alpacas.

Alpacas are wonderful animals to own, full of personality, every one different from the next.
I have owned these great animals for over 10 years now & trust me when I say they can be addictive!

Many people start out with just a couple of pets & within a few years are breeders & are moving to a larger property - so don't say you weren't warned!

Alpacas are natural Eco Warriors!

Alpacas are made green by nature, they have soft padded feet with toenails instead of hooves, which is much gentler on the soil which helps reduce erosion.
They have a naturally clean rear end, & they lift their tails to use the bathroom, so they don't need mulesing or crutching like sheep, and they have communal dung piles. This means they don't eat where they poop, so a lower worm burden, which means less use of chemicals & less contamination of waterways.
It also means easy collection for the vegie garden!

They don't ringbark trees or pull out grass by the roots as they eat which is all good for the environment.

Due to the low lanolin in their fleece, they need less chemicals during the fibre scouring (cleaning) process, so good for reducing chemical waste as well.

Husbandry Requirements

1. Shearing every Spring
2. Toenail trims a few times a year
3. 5 in 1 vaccination every 6 months
4. Vitamin ADE shot in Autumn
5. Worm drench if required

Access at all times to shade, clean water & sufficient feed in the form of quality pasture or lucerne/clover hay & suitable pellet mix.
Also, protection from cold wind/rain the first few months after shearing is recommended.

Things you should know about alpacas BEFORE you buy

Well before you dive in & buy alpacas have a think about where you want to be with them in 5 years time.

Do you only ever want a pair of pets to eat the grass, or is there something lurking at the back of your mind that says that you to may well become one of the addicted & be breeding alpacas before too long?

So, if it's pets only for you, then get some young male alpacas that you can bond with & train, then make sure when they are old enough (about 12-20 months of age) you get them castrated - don't let this slide! Mature male alpacas grow fighting teeth at about 24 months of age & as the sexually mature they can become more macho & less like the friendly young boys you purchased.

*PACA TIP* NEVER let any alpaca, especially males jump or push on you, this is cute when they are 30kgs, but not so fun when they are 100kgs and almost as tall as you are. Make sure they respect your space, a neck rub is fine, but a neck wrestle isnt!

But if you are thinking of breeding alpacas , then find out as much as you can about what makes a good alpaca in regards to conformation & fleece quality.
Starting out with some reasonable to good quality females pregnant to quality males will put you light years ahead in your herd quality.

But good quality doesn't have to mean big dollars, shop around, ask lots & lots of questions so you can compare options & you will find the variety available & price variabilty can be large.

Find a stud that you connect with, will help you develop a breeding plan in line with your budget, that you are comfortable with & that can mentor you through the first few years of a very steep learning curve!

Prepare to have your head full to exploding of alpaca husbandry information, fibre terminology & an amazing fascination with this gentle & rewarding member of the camel family.

About Us & how we can help you

Our alpaca stud is located in Candelo at the heart of the beautiful Bega Valley on the far south east coast of NSW, Australia.

It is a truly beautiful place to live and it is within this tranquil setting that we are striving to breed alpacas that grow ultrafine fleeces that stay fine over time.

Oak Grove Alpacas was established in 2001 and our experience within the alpaca industry is extensive.
Our focus on ultrafine fibre saw us become part of the fibre initiative known as Alpaca Ultimate, and be part of the team that conducted fibre seminars interstate as well as create the record breaking Ultrafine Bale scheme.

*PACA TIP* Did you know that alpacas tend to become coarser or 'blow out' their fleece fineness as they age?
This is a major issue when you consider they can live for 20+ years.

At Oak Grove we specialise in breeding alpacas that don't blow out to the same extent as the national average, thus maintaining fine fleece of higher value for many years longer.
Fine fibre is worth more per kilo, so it doesn't take a genius to work out that fine is the way to go in alpaca fibre.

We offer all our new clients ongoing mentoring for as long as they need it & help them establish a breeding herd that will set them on the path for producing alpacas that grow high value fleeces.

We have quality stay fine breeding stock & stud services to our stay fine genetics males available for the established breeder.

So if you are thinking of owning alpacas as pets, are new breeders still formulating your goals, or like us, have a breeding plan in place, we welcome to you to visit (by appointment) or call to 'talk' alpaca.
We are always happy to assist you with any alpaca enquiries you may have.

We have well priced alpacas from $200 for pets & offer new breeders well priced starter packages to suit their budget.

To find out more about owning alpacas, our alpacas or our current breeding goals, please visit our web site & view the starting in alpacas, about us, stud males and our girls pages.

We hope you enjoy the fun alpaca photos in our Photo Gallery.

If you are looking for a logo for your alpaca stud or need a web site, then also visit our Oak Grove Graphics web site pages to see what we can offer you.

Our Experience:

- Alpaca breeder for over 10 years
- Serve on Australian Alpaca Association (AAA) Development Panels
- Conducted Alpaca Fibre seminars as part of Alpaca Ultimate
- Part of Bega Far South Coast Regional Alpaca show Committee
- Author of many articles published in the AAA industry magazine
- Specialist in Ultrafine - Stay Fine Alpacas
- Experienced in helping alpaca breeders market their alpaca stud through our in depth industry knowledge combined with our graphic design business skills.

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