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Burmese & Siamese Kittens Bred by Oramor

Burmese & Siamese Kittens Bred by Oramor
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   "Oramor" Burmese & Siamese provide you with companionship, unconditional love and affection!

Welcome to Oramor Kittens

"Oramor" Burmese & Siamese provide you with companionship, unconditional love and affection!

Sue has been breeding top quality Burmese & Siamese Kittens for many years under the registered prefix "ORAMOR" in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia and has gained the respect as being a reputable and extremely responsible and dedicated cat breeder. Sue's primary aim is to breed healthy, robust kittens with loving, people-oriented, ultra-affectionate purrsonalities. The health and well-being of Sue's cats/kittens is paramount!

Sue's Burmese & Siamese Kittens are lovingly raised with pride and your happiness at heart!
We don't just sell kittens, sound advice and after sale support is offered by "Oramor"

Satisfied Customers world wide.

About Us

The name of Sue's cattery says it all. 'Oramor' - a word derived from 'Orana', Aboriginal for welcome and 'Amor', Spanish for love.

It's a unique and beautiful name that perfectly sums up the breeding philosophy of Sue Flavel.

"We are all about welcoming our kittens with love. I am thrilled when I see them going off to people's loving arms, sharing their bed, or their best chair," Sue says.

Although Sue has her fair share of champions and grand-champions, it's breeding healthy, robust animals. "I don't believe in breeding extremes. My aim is to breed a quality cat that is loyal and affectionate."

Sue started breeding Burmese approx. 20 years ago and went into breeding the Siamese some time later from her property in regional Queensland and now has customers from Europe, Asia, America and the Pacific, as well as all over Australia.

Our Burmese Cats

Burmese are the "Peter Pan's of the cat world, refusing to grow up.

The Burmese is loveable and intelligent, with a beautiful balanced body and rounded head, an expressive face, giving the Burmese it's much sought after friendly appeal.

The eyes are gold and beautifully rounded and are set in a well proportioned, lion like head. It has a short, close lying coat with a high shine and a muscular body that carries surprisingly heavy weight for its size.

Burmese breeders have developed a large range of colours:- browns, chocolate, blue, lilac, cream, red and tortoiseshell.

The Burmese is a breed that combines refined good looks with a steady and affectionate nature, a quiet voice and a willingness to please. A friendly, purring, lap-sitter and bed sleeper, the Burmese is demanding of attention and lots of petting.

Once a Burmese adopts you, it will remain a loyal and devoted companion. This purr-sonality plus puss with its sunny disposition and unflappable nature is ideally suited to our easy-going Aussie life-style.

Our Siamese Cats

Looking like porcelain figurines, these Siamese fur-persons are truly living, breathing works of art!

"Oramor" sensational Stylish Siamese are extraordinarily loving, highly intelligent, inquisitive and elegant. Siamese are energetic and playful companions.

"Oramor" Siamese are steadfastly loyal, being totally devoted to their owners!

The Siamese communicates like no other and has enthralled people all over the world. Most of the time they talk at a conversational level, and many Siamese seem to enjoy the spoken exchange with their owners.

The Siamese vocabulary can be quite extensive, much beyond meow and meow. They are renowned for their amazing voice. The voice of a Siamese personality has been mistaken for a baby crying!

The Siamese originated in Siam, which is the Thailand that we know today. This breed is thought to be the oldest or one of the oldest of the Pedigree cat breeds in the world.

They love companionship with their family and will not be ignored. Siamese will follow you around the house, go for walks, play games, traits that they share with the family dog. Siamese form a lasting bond of affection with their owners.

So, if the image of a sleek, graceful, blue-eyed, communicative, responsive and loving feline companion appeals to you, the Siamese is your cat.


Dear Sue,

The kittens have arrived safely and they are just beautiful. Our pet agent delivered them at 8.00pm (10pm your time) and they were curious and lively on arrival. Both have been to the toilet in their new space plus had a small snack.

We have called them Coco (chocolate) and Buttons (lilac). Esther our youngest daughter fell asleep before they arrived so will meet them tomorrow. Harriet is playing with them now.

Thank you so much Sue you have introduced two beautiful pets for our daughters.

We plan a quiet and calm weekend to support Coco and Buttons. We want happy and well adjusted kittens and will send a testamonial and photos over the weekend when they settle in.

Regards Mina xx Hong Kong.

Morning Sue,

Coco and Buttons are fine this morning. Our helper said the kittens had a playful night in the laundry – they kept her awake with their activity. They have had a little tinned salmon and some dry biscuits early this morning. We can't get the dry food brands you recommend here so purchased Royal Canin. They have eaten these biscuits. Both of them are using the litter tray and had a big drink of water.

They are very playful and adventurous. The are climbing on everything and we can't believe the spots they manage to get themselves into. Whilst they are both still a little timid with all of us, we can see them being more relaxed as we approach them. Our girls just love them.

Thought you would like to know that the Aeropet Agent (Angela) said she was very impressed with you and your kittens. She said you are a very good breeder and clearly experienced. She thought the kittens were beautiful. Our night guard was also very taken by the kittens and we know their Chinese names thanks to him.

All is well for 'Oramor' Coco and Buttons.

Mina xx Hong Kong.

Dear Sue,

I hope you are well. We've had a great week and Oramor Coco and Oramor Buttons are so settled into family life here with us.

Coco and Buttons are both relaxed and willing to be cuddled by all of us. The girls just adore them and our youngest (5 yrs old) is carrying them everywhere.

Thought you'd appreciate knowing both Coco and Buttons are wonderful family members and after only one week so incredibly settled.

Mina xx 21/11/14

Hi Sue,

A photo of Esther cuddling Coco (chocolate girl) this morning. Coco seeks out cuddles and affection from both girls.

Regards, Mina. Hong Kong. 22/11/14

Hi Sue,

'Oramor' Buttons, lilac Burmese and Harriet having a cuddle.

Photo of Harriet and Esther teaching Buttons and Coco to fetch hairbands. Coco and Buttons love playing in their bedrooms and messing up the Lego and dolls house.

Regards, Mina. 23/11/14

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