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Ovahimba German Shepherds

New South Wales 2422
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Beauty, brains and temperament what more could you possibly want.

Welcome to Ovahimba German Shepherds

We have been breeding German Shepherd Dogs for over 20 years, starting in 1990 under the kennel prefix of ‘Kobanita’. After falling in love with, and choosing to specialise in the full black colour variation of the shepherd, we changed our kennel prefix to ‘Ovahimba’, which is the name of one of the regal Black African tribes.

We choose the dogs we breed with, first and foremost, on their nature, as we pride our dogs on their exceptionally friendly, stable, self assured, laid back, sound temperaments. Which lends our puppies the ability to enter any walk of life in the dog world in which their new families wish to embrace with them. We have puppies who have excelled in many arenas in the dog world, including obedience trialling, schutzhund, agility, urban rescue, disability aide/assistance, pets as therapy, companion animals, and even showing (although they usually go oversize under the breed standards for the German Shepherd Dog, once 12 months old).

Our Black Shepherds are the old style of shepherd, with a straighter/squarer conformation, and often slightly larger in stature when compared to some of the shepherds of today. Currently we are able to maintain all coat types in our babies, that being short, glamour and long coats.

We are not conventional breeders. All our dogs are part of our family, and spend their days laying around on lounges on the house verandah, or with us wherever we might be during the course of the day, only going to their separate sleeping areas at night. We attempt to only have one litter at a time, so we are able to give all the puppies the full attention they deserve. We are always with the mothers for the full length of the birth, and the babies are handled daily from birth. Once the babies are big enough to come out of the whelping (birthing) box, they are gently introduced to the rest of our doggy family. Which could be older sisters, brothers, Aunties, Uncles and grandparents. We feel this very important socialisation gives our puppies the added understanding of the hierarchal mores of the dog world, giving them an enhanced respect and understanding of other dogs.

We also like to expose the babies to inside life as well as outside, they meet the horses, chickens, cows, and are visited by many different sized humans as well, from toddlers to the elderly. Each litter usually gets to visit the local Aged Care Nursing Home to be cuddled and fawned over after their first vaccinations, and the pups never cease to amaze us with their gentleness towards the elderly. We believe that these experiences give our babies a more rounded foundation to enhance their already inherited temperament.

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