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We make it in our best endeavours to provide a quality service so that your Dog will have a healthy and an enjoyable grooming experience.

Palette Studio
Dogs are precious animals, because they are loyal, cute, smart and intelligent. Our team here at Palette Studio always work on the principle of "LOVE YOUR DOG, ENJOY YOUR LIFE" .
Since we started Palette Studio, the objective of our business and our team is to passionately provide the best care possible for Dogs. We treat our clients as good friends because we all share the common passion for Dogs and their well being.

All Palette Studio's team members are Professional Grooming Beauticians who are experienced and qualified. We offer you a quality service using professional technology at a reasonable price. Welcome to the group of "LOVE YOUR DOG, ENJOY YOUR LIFE".

Na Li
Na Li is one of the owners of Palette Studio and a professional Pet Groomer. She constantly wins the customers and their pets' hearts as she is a very kind and patient girl. All dogs, even the most mischievous dogs are obedient to her. Because of her innate talent and sense of beauty, she always surprises with the end result of your dog's new hair style.

Grace is a professional Pet Groomer. She is a kind, talented and lovely girl. She loves dogs a lot, especially big dogs. She painted our doggy play pens' wall at our Drummoyne Store, aso that every cute dog and their owners can enjoy this warm environment when they come in to our beautiful store.

Bath, Blow Dry & Tidy Up
This includes hand brushing and combing, fresh warm water hydro bath and Blow dry. Ear plucking & cleaning(optional); eyes cleaning; nail clip; clean Belly & bottom and Anal Glands. There is no clipping on the body, just everyday tidy up in between the full groom and during winter time.
Every Dog needs particular care for their skin and fur, it however, depends on their breed and condition of their skin. At Palette Studio we carry a large range of shampoos and conditioners to match their needs such as everyday shampoo, tea tree oil shampoo, aloveen oatmeal shampoo and conditioner and flea control concentrate.

Full Grooming
This service includes all the full service of bath & blow dry and Tidy up also a clipping on the body and hand scissoring on the face.

Hand Scissoring
Hand Scissoring includes all of the full services of Bath, Blow Dry and Tidy up plus a speciality cut to either breed Standard or a New Fashion style cut of your choice.

Dog Fashion Design Style & Colouring Service
At Palette Studio we carry a wide range of Pet Esthe animal colouring products. If you wish your dogs faded coats could look like it used to be? WE CAN DO THAT!
If you and your dog have a special event, we can even design a fashion looking and dye the fur in different shapes such as angel wings, hearts, star, flowers...
Keep in mind you can only go darker than what your dogs' coat currently is, these products have NO peroxides and NO bleaches!!

Pick Up and Drop Off
We can pick up and drop off your dog within an acceptable distance.

Puppy Day Care (Drummoyne Only)

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