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Paris Pooch

AShop 2a/43 Pinjarra Road
Western Australia 6210
P 08 9583 5443
My name is Kelly Anderson I own Paris Pooch. I have had the business for a little over a year and a half. I have been grooming on and off for little over 3 years and have been working with animals all my life. I am the main groomer and carer for your pets. I also have a few other dedicated workers by my side.


Paris Pooch offers a variety of services for you and your pets. From dog grooming and clipping, styling, nails, ear plucking, wash and dry to accessories and jumpers, coats, life jackets, sun glasses, hats, shoes and saddle bags. We have a large selection of funky collars and stylish harnesses. Beds, bowls, bickies and bling.

We also cater to CATS!

Pets with skin conditions donít be shy; we have an array of sensitive skin products. Staff are always offering training tips and household hints to make lives a little more comfortable.

So for DOGS and CATS of ALL SHAPES, SIZES and ATTITUDES come to Paris Pooch and get pampered!
Open Monday to Saturday contact us on 95835443 or just drop in!

We cater for all breeds and all sizes
Full Groom Dogs
XS $50-$55
S $60
M $60-$65
L $70-$75
XL $85- quoted
All prices are subject to change, depending on Matting and Difficulty

Just Clip (without wash and dry) dog must be washed and dried that day or day before.
S $35
M $45
L $55
XL $65 - Quoted

Wash Dry Tidy (face,feet,sanitary)
XS $20-$25
M $35-$40
L $40-$45
XL $45- Quoted
All Prices are subject to change, depending on matting or length of fur.

Wash Towel Dry
XS $15
M $20
L $25
XL $30

Wash towel dry prices include nail clipping.
All washes that need to be washed with flea wash or extra sensitive skin shampoo incur extra $3 on total.

Nails $ 12-$15
Face $12
Sanitary $10
Face / Sanitary $18
Teeth $15

Dog Minding (in house)
$25 per day
Weekly rates discounted more than one dog discounted.

You must provide all food and bedding for your dog. I am able to administer medications.
The dog will have free run of my house can sleep inside or outside whatever your preferences. I will take the dog for walks or to the beach whatever you allow. It is best that you have for your dog some familiar toys and something that smells like its home or yourself.

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