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Passing Paws Pet Cremations is a family owned and operated business set up to support Western Australia with a caring, compassionate and professional service at an affordable price.

Nestled away in the beautiful, historic Neerabup in the City of Wanneroo. Passing Paws is surrounded by lush, untouched natural bushland that embraces the local heritage.

Pet lovers; Rachel & Lee Cassell operate Passing Paws. Together they have over 30 years experience in caring for animals from all walks of life and have helped to re-home many unloved, abandoned animals along the way. Their continued dedication to the animal kingdom inspired them to move forward in the Pet Cremation field.

Over the years, Rachel & Lee have truly experienced loss and heartache and realised that the community of WA needs the support, strength and experience they have to help pet owners heal while suffering the loss of their beloved companions.

Passing Paws will take the stress away from you and you will be comforted to know that they will arrange everything on your behalf, from collection at the vets, to gentle and respectful return of your companions ashes to your door or your chosen vet.

Passing Paws, truly understand the heartache you will feel, so allow us to assist you with filling the spot left behind.


Our state of the art centre is supplied with DEFRA approved Crematories suitable for Private and Companion cremations. We have links to all the local veterinarians and can provide you with the guidance on where to seek this support. Our dedicated team are on stand-by to collect your pet from your home or your local Veterinarian and return the ashes and memorabilia back to your chosen location.
Our staff are trained and certified in the operation of the Crematory and a vigorous quality assurance procedure is undertaken by the Cassell family to give the owners peace of mind that their beloved pets are handled and cared with in the most respectful and compassionate way possible.

Our experienced staff, trained in mental health and recovery, host a monthly ‘Empathy Session’ which is designed to comfort pet owners and their families with the loss of their beloved companion. This session is complimentary to our customers and assists with helping to fill the hole left behind by your loved one.

Passing Paws believes in celebrating the life of your Pets and offers unique customised memorabilia to personalise your experience. They will help keep the memory of your pet alive, become a rock for you and support you through the grieving and healing process. The comfortable environment, along with the experience and compassion of our team, will help you and your family process the loss and heal much sooner.


With our state of the art partitioned Crematory, we have the ability to offer our pet owners a Private Cremation ensuring that the ashes are kept separate during the cremation process. All ashes will be returned to you in our paw print box. Most owners decide to upgrade to a high quality and carefully crafted Urn. This package comes complete with a signed and stamped certificate of cremation. Each certificate captures your pet's paw print for you to hold on to authenticated by the wax seal of Passing Paws.


For those who wish to be back reunited with their pets and not have to wait for their return, we offer a same day service in which your pets will receive a Private Cremation and their ashes will be returned to you in either a scatter tube or paw print box as standard. Most pet owners, who choose this service, decide to upgrade to a high quality and carefully crafted Urn. This service comes complete with a signed and stamped certificate of cremation. Each certificate captures your pet's paw print for you to hold on to authenticated by the wax seal of Passing Paws.


The Companion Cremation is performed with dignity and respect for each animal & allows each pet to be carefully placed into the crematory with fellow friends from the animal kingdom. No ashes are returned to the owners however, each cremation will be acknowledged with a signed and stamped certificate of cremation. Each certificate captures your pet's paw print for you to hold on to authenticated by the wax seal of Passing Paws. Allow us to arrange this on your behalf with your chosen vet.


Passing Paws understands that the death of your pet can be a financial struggle, so in order to allow them to have a send off they deserve we have introduced a prepay service. This service allows you to pay off the cremation in installments up to the death and time of your pet’s cremation. This option gives you the flexibility to pay at your own pace and with installments you can afford. Our highly experienced accounts staff, accompanied by a high quality accounting software and back up system, will give you the piece of mind that your money is managed safely until your pets Cremation is due.


Honour and celebrate your pets life with a selection of keepsakes and memorabilia. Crafted to the highest quality, we offer a diverse range of memorabilia that will allow your best friend to never be forgotten. Why not carry the spirit of your companion with you in the Paw print urn necklace, or have your personalised paw print key ring with your companions name on it. There are many ways to keep the memory of your pet alive.


Our family owner has over 10 years experience in the mental health and recovery field. These attributes will allow Passing Paws to provide the support & compassion needed to help you come to terms with your loss. Every month we hold an 'empathy session' which is available to help pet owners and their families during the healing process. This session is complimentary to our customers.


Our carefully skilled and dedicated team can assist you if you are moving house. Allow us to collect your buried companion and provide a cremation they deserve. Please contact us for more details.


Our compassionate teams are on stand-by for the out of hour calls, no matter where you are. Additional costs apply. Please enquire within.


Passing Paws has an on site engraving suite, allowing personalised memorabilia for you to commemorate your pets life.


Our long and loyal affiliations and friendship with the local vets around WA allows us to recommend the professionals for you. Services that are provided; Everyday Veterinary Support, Emergency 24 Hour Support, Animal Hospital, Animal Ambulance, Mobile Vets and in the saddest cases Mobile Euthanasia. Speak to our team who will assist you with locating these services.


To celebrate the life of your companion, our trained team has the skills to provide you and your family with a funeral ceremony. Our Garden of Rest enables you to commemorate your companion in a beautiful scenic setting and provide them with a fantastic service ready for their journey to heaven.

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