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Welcome to Pawpics Photography

have two great passions : animals and photography. I am a professional photographer with over ten years of experience in animal and wildlife photography. Having grown up in South Africa, numerous opportunities existed to capture the raw beauty of animals in their natural environment. I have also worked as a press photographer for The Eastern Province Herald covering a wide range of subjects such as sports, politics, business and social events. I have also done a fair amount of assignment work for advertising and promotion companies…

…but, my real passion is people and their pets. A happy pet makes a great image. A great image makes wonderful memories. Lets capture that moment!!! Pet photography sessions usually range from one to two hours, depending on the mood of your pet.

If it takes longer - it takes longer… we won’t charge you more !

The sessions take place at a venue of your choice, where you and your pet feel most comfortable. Please feel free to contact me regarding printing prices and any other questions you may have. Lets capture that moment!!!


I’ll come to you. One to two hours is usually enough to get the best images of your pet happy and relaxed in his or her environment. If it takes longer - it takes longer… I won’t charge you more !
The best time of day to get really great pet photography images is either early in the morning or late afternoon…

…and that’s not all ! After the session, I’ll sort out the best images ( 15 to 20 images ) and pre-edit them. Included in the price is a proofing session at our offices where we can go through the images and discuss various editing and printing options. Once the images have been edited I’ll have them prepared in the format of your choice.

I’m passionate about quality. So, all my printing is done by a local professional photographic specialist printing company who offer a wide range of options, ( high quality gloss/matt prints, canvas mounted prints and many other options and sizes. ). I’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote.

Standard Professional Photo Session: $70.00

Small print pack : $430.00

Medium print pack : $690.00

Large print pack : $1300.00

Digital pack with digital photo frame : . $1250.00

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Gift Vouchers

Pawpics Gift Cards make a great gift for almost anyone. They can be purchased in any amount and are redeemable for a photo session or prints depending on value.

If you would like a gift card for a friend or loved one simply contact Robert either by phone or email and he will take care of the details.

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