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Penrose Garden and Aquarium

A224 The Entrance Road
New South Wales 2250
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   Welcome to Penrose Garden and Aquarium

About Us
A thought to Pond-er.......

Ponds and water gardens make great additions to any backyard, and might be easier than you think! Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they provide a haven for frogs and are a great talking point during those Summer BBQ's! Pop in a few native blue-eye fish (frog-friendly fish) to create a real backyard oasis. Pre-fab ponds come in all different shapes and sizes- or you can create your own shape using pond liner. We carry pre-fab ponds and pond liner, pumps & fittings, hosing, filters, and spare parts, along with native fish, koi and goldfish varieties. Come in & have a chat with our specialists, Matt, Craig & Peter, about the possibilities, or just to get some friendly advice. There's no pond too big or too small for them!

We have a great range of carnivorous plants in at the moment. Beautiful red varieties of everyone's favourite the Venus fly Trap look spectacular, and the extra large pitcher plants wont last long as stocks are limited. There are also some unbelievable hanging pitcher plants the climbing Nepenthes. They all grow well here on the Central coast and we can advise on the best one to suit your garden.

Calling all enthusiastic worm-farmers! The Worm Affair website has all the info you need to start up a new worm farm & to keep it running smoothly and easily. Worm farms are great fun and easy to keep. Each worm works like a little compost-producing factory to convert your kitchen scraps into the richest liquid fertiliser that will have your fruit trees, vegies & herbs leaping out of the ground. (I'm not joking!) The castings (worm manure) are a fantastic soil improver as well. Worm Affair can be reached on 1300 555 539, or check out the fact sheets on their website by clicking on the worm image above.

Fluval 'Edge' Aquariums are in store now

Ultra modern design from Fluval morphs the functional glass aquarium into a real feature piece. Minimising the stand and filtration system opens up the top and sides of the aqaurium, allowing fish and plants to be viewed from all sides.
Available in two sizes, the 23lt comes in Black, White, and Pewter. The larger 46 lt is available in Black and White.

Our services include...

Free Central Coast Delivery on Thursdays >Free Soil pH Testing > Free Pond & Aquarium Water Testing > Free Gift Wrapping > Garden Advice from qualified Horticulturists > Plants Plus Customer Loyalty Program; Plus a great range of Plants of course; Everything you expect from a nursery and more!!

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