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Jodie Bennett
Western Australia 6100
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We are Pet Owners too

We know how you feel. You need a break, some time away, but what about your poor pet. They simply hate going to the kennels and you feel guilty for having to put them there. Maybe you could ask a friend to help out. But what if they dig up their garden, make a mess or do some damage. Even if they accept once, you'll surely be a burden if you ask again.

Our aim is to provide pet owners with the peace of mind that their treasured pets will be looked after and have companionship, while they're away. Your home will be looked in on daily and you will come home to a happy, content pet.

At Perth Pet Sitters we pride ourselves on our integrity and the professional manner in which we carry out our services. As animal lovers, you can be sure your pets and home will be treated with love, care and respect.

Perth Pet Sitters are members of the Pet Industry Association.

Perth Pet Sitters and Groomers carry full insurance and all of our staff have full police clearances.

About Us

Perth Pet Sitters provide in-home pet sitting and dog walking services. This is a great alternative to boarding kennels as home style pet watching reduces the risk of separation anxiety and stress as your pet remains in their own familiar and safe environment.

We offer a personalised service, visiting your home and pet on a daily basis. This regular attendance to your home provides you with extra security and peace of mind. While caring for your pets, we'll also provide valued activity around your home; collecting mail and newspapers, bringing bins in and out, opening blinds, turning lights on and off if required, perimeter checks and watering pot plants.

Your pet won’t run the risk of picking up illness or disease as they are in their own home.

Our services include daily feeding, replenishing water, daily walks for dogs, regular kitty litter change and full dog grooming services available.

Services available for a wide range of pets, dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs and more…

Packages designed to suit your individual requirements.

Services & Rates

Pet Sitting

Price List:
    Home Visit (1 pet)includes 15 min dog walk - $28/day
    Additional Pet (dog) - $7
    Additional Pet Other - $5
    Additional Dog Walking - $10/every 10 min
    2nd Visit per day if required - $18

Standard home visit includes: feed and refresh water and food, pick up after your pet, administer any oral medications, clear mail box if required, walk your dog, and most importantly quality play time with your pet.
Additional Fees, undoreseen events, picking up extra food or medications, vet visits. 10% public holiday surcharge.

Dog Gromming

Price List:
    Wash, Dry, Nail Clip Sml-Med Breed - $35
    Large - $45
    Full Grooming Services Sml-Med Breed - $65
    Large - $85
    Flea Treatment - $5

Includes: Hydro Bath, Full Clip, Blow Dry, Final Clip, Nail Clip, Ear and Eye Clean, Cologne and Doggy Treat<./cite>

Call us on today to find out more or reach us through the 'Make an Enquiry' form.

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