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   In-home pet care, dog walking, dog massage & related pet services in western sydney

About Us
Pet Amigo’s is a full service pet care business, servicing Sydney’s Western Suburbs. Pet Amigo’s was formed when Bec, an animal lover and owner of two gorgeous pooches, realised her dogs may go many days without a walk while she was away on holidays. This got Bec thinking – what do people that don’t have family or close friends living nearby do when they go away on holidays? Surely it is more economical, healthier (no risk of kennel cough!) and much more relaxing for a pet to stay in his or her home and be looked after than it is to go to a kennel or cattery with lots of strange smells and noises? So Pet Amigo’s was born!

Pet Amigo’s can meet all your pet care needs – from daily visits while you are away to regular walks if you, like many professionals, have a busy schedule and are unable to give your dog the exercise he or she needs. We cater for all pets – whether you have a playful puppy, a cuddly cat, a sleek snake or a giggling guinea pig (or anything in between!) we can help you care for and nurture your pet. We can even put packages together for long bookings or if you have lots of animals – just ask!

Pet Amigo’s will come to your house to visit and get to know your pets with you present. This enables our experienced carers to get any instructions, putting your mind at ease that everything will be exactly as you left it on your return! Our visits are completely obligation free, though we know you and your pet will love our wonderful carers!

Here at Pet Amigo’s, we’re not trying to be everything to everyone. We know pets. We love pets. So that’s what we work with! Our services are:

In-Home Pet Care

Whether you’re away on business or pleasure, working extra hours or struggling with the long commute AND having to come home to a poor, anxious pet (running, climbing, slithering or swimming!) who’s not been fed or given any attention all day – worry no more! Pet Amigo’s can pay a visit to your pet daily (or twice a day on request) to manage all their needs – both physical and emotional! We LOVE play time, we’re excellent at following instructions for feeding and medicating where necessary and most of all, your pet will love us! We’ll also manage all those things like mail, watering plants and bin night, making your (and your pets’!) life as stress free as possible.

Dog Walking

At Pet Amigos, we’re a bit like an under-exercised puppy. We have so much energy to burn and what better way than walking and playing with the dogs of Western Sydney? We have several options – 30 or 60 minute walks and you can choose the pace for your pooch. We can stroll, brisk walk, jog or run – or a combination.

Dog Massage

The benefits of massage to your pooch are immense and you should notice a difference almost immediately. Dogs, like humans, get stressed and tired muscles. Massage can help ease anxiety, soothe sore muscles and aid in recovery for the extra busy dog. We use a blend of essential oils safe for use on dogs and specific to your concerns about your animal. Each dog is different and will react to massage in a different way, but the vast majority fall asleep and experience 30 minutes of complete bliss. Often it is hard to get them off the lap of your practitioner once the treatment is complete!

Waste Management

Honestly, who likes picking up dog poo? Pet Amigo’s will do it for you! It’s awful to want to lay in the grass in your yard, hang out the washing with no shoes on, even mow the lawn – but having to do a “poo patrol” first. Pet Amigo’s will come to your house and collect your dog waste so you don’t have to! You don’t even have to know we were there – or that there was ever any poo in sight.

Pet Taxi

Need your dog or cat taken somewhere, but don’t have the space or a suitable vehicle to do the job yourself? Pet Amigo’s can help! We’ll come and collect your pet from your house, and give them a ride to wherever you need them to go! We’ll even wait with them and give them a ride home if required.

Much, much more…

At Pet Amigo’s, we love innovation. Got an idea for something we could do? Suggestions on what we should do better, or a specific request for your own animals? Let us know! Email us at [email protected] or call Bec on 0433687335 for a chat!

Why us?
Why should you choose Pet Amigo’s for your Pet Care?


Here at Pet Amigo’s, we have years and years (we don’t want to say how many, it makes us look old!) of experience caring for and playing with animals of all kinds. We’ve dealt with crazy kitties, plump poochies, frenzied fishies and anything else you can think of. If there’s an animal-related challenge, we’ve probably seen it before and we can probably help with a solution!


We will always try our hardest to meet your pets’ regular schedule in terms of feeding, exercise and cuddles. Whatever it is that you need, just let us know and we’ll find a way!


Pet Amigo’s is just about the best job we’ve ever had – we love every day, mainly because it means we get to have a million furry friends! We’ll always turn up and do as we’ve been instructed. We’ll always contact you if there’s an issue and we’ll always leave your house and your pet in the same condition as we found them!

Peace of Mind

Pet Amigo’s take every booking seriously. We’ve got pets of our own – we pride ourselves on allowing our clients to take a break from the daily grind & have time away, without worrying about Rover or Mittens. They’re in excellent hands after all!!

Personalised Service

When you book with Pet Amigo’s, we arrange an obligation-free initial consultation to allow us to meet your crew and you to meet us. At this time we can discuss any special requirements you or your pets might have – and believe us, we’ve met some pampered animals (lucky them!!)! When all is said and done, we just want your furry family to be happy, healthy and well looked after.

One-on-One Dog Walking

We don’t pick up a bunch of dogs and walk the group along with your pooch. All our dog walks are one on one, allowing your walker to give your doggy the attention he or she deserves.

Quarantine Specialists

Pet Amigo’s have experience exercising and providing human companionship to animals in quarantine at Eastern Creek. It’s a stressful time for a well-travelled, well loved animal and we take the time and care to give your pet the love and attention it deserves but can’t receive from Mummy & Daddy just yet. All we ask is that you tell us all about the day you pick them up – we LOVE hearing about waggy tails and happy pets reuniting with their families!

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