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   PetArk is driven by a passion to develop the best formulas for your pet...

PetArk…. bringing nature to your pet’s door
At PetArk we have created a range of Naturopathic Veterinary Formulas™, which incorporate the use of 5 nutrients groups found in nature, these nutrients are amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, herbs and mineral tissue salts.

PetArk’s founder Equine and Animal Nutritional Therapist and product formulator Antoinette Foster began developing formulas for horses for her company Hi Form in 1990. It was the success of these formulas that encouraged her to produce a range specifically designed for dogs and cats.

At PetArk we believe you should treat the patient not the disease and treat as an individual. There is a focus on prevention before treatment; this involves achieving optimum nutrition for each dog and cat.

It is also very important to feed your dog or cat according to the species, a simple natural diet of predominantly fresh meat is ideal. Remember they are all individuals and biochemically unique.

Adding a daily supplement into their meal will assist with overall health and well being, skin and coat condition, maintaining the immune system and enhancing digestion and utilisation of food.

PetArk has a wide range of Naturopathic Veterinary Formulas to assist with a number of issues such as muscles and joints, old age, nervousness, weight loss or obesity, breeding dogs or cats, recovery from hospitalisation, liver function and digestive upsets.

The team at PetArk have years of experience treating animals and are proud to be Australian owned. All PetArk formulas are produced right here in Victoria using the finest oral grade ingredients and organic or wild crafted herbs. We also offer a free advice service to assist with feeding you dog or cat and advice on various conditions such as osteoarthritis etc.

For more information about PetArk and the range, please reach us via the contact page here.

To meet the PetArk animal family click here including the star of PetArk's new look packaging, Jett.

Daily Support
If your pet hasn't been him or herself lately, perhaps it is their diet that needs looking at! PetArk have developed two wonderful daily supplements to provide total nutritional support to your pet for every day of their life.

Ever wonder if your pet is lacking vitamins and minerals? Does your pet have a dull, oily coat? Is he lethargic or grumpy at the end of the day? Concerned about his toilet habits or perhaps he is going too regularly? Well chances are a spoonful of PetArk's Daily will make your pet GLOW with vitality! Talk to PetArk's helpful team today!

PetArk Daily is a natural, complete and balanced daily supplement for your cat or dog. Combining the five essential nutrient groups: vitamins, minerals, tissue salts, amino acids and herbs, this fabulous Australian product will increase your dog or cat's health, skin and coat condition.

This product contains: Natural Liver Flavouring; Calcium Phosphate; Magnesium Phosphate; Iron Phosphate; Potassium Chloride; Potassium Phosphate; Sodium Sulphate; Sodium Phosphate; Manganese Sulphate; Calcium Sulphate; Zinc Sulphate; Vitamin C; Vitamin E; Vitamin B3; Vitamin A; Vitamin B1; Vitamin B2; Vitamin B12; Biotin; Isoleucine; Leucine; Lysine; Methionine; Cystine; Phenylalanine; Tyrosone; Threonine; Tryptophan; Valine; Arginine; Histidine; Iodine; Copper; Boron; Molybdenum; Selenium; Silica; Calendula; Peppermint; Garlic; Red Clover; Isoflavones; Genistein; Phytoestrogens; Daidzien; Polyunsaturated Fats; Linoleic Acid; Linolenic Acid; Oleic Acid; Saturated Fats; Stearic Acid; Palmitic Acid

Dosage: PetArk Daily can be fed every day for health & vitality. Powder should be mixed with food once a day or as directed. Small Dog (under 10kg) 1/4 spoon; Medium Dog (10-25kg) 1/2 spoon; Large Dog (over 25kg) 1 spoon; Cat 1/4 spoon.

Did you know that PetArk Daily enhances the digestion and utilisation of food. This allows your dog or cat to get more value out of their food!

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