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Welcome to Pet Care and Clip

Pet Care and Clip offers Dog Day Care, Grooming, Clipping, Washing, Pet Sitting, Walking and clothing and accessories for your pets.

Have you used a groomer that didn’t clip your pet the way you asked?

We ask lots of questions before we groom your dogs and cats to make sure we always get it right, just go to our Grooming page for details or make a booking now on 0414 944 999.

Going on holidays and worried about asking a friend to look after your pets?

Let Pet Care and Clip look after your pets and your house, exactly the way you want them to.
We also have team members that will look after your dogs in their homes, just click the contact button and email us for more details.

Does your pet fret, chew, bark or dig while you are at work? Or maybe they just get lonely?

Pet Care and Clip also offers Doggy Day Care for your loved ones. Why not let your pooch get a ‘short bark and sides’ while he/she is is in Doggy Day Care?
For more information on any of our services simply call us on 0414 944 999.


Grooming includes washing, clipping, trimming, de-shedding, stripping, clipping or painting nails, dyeing hair, cleaning ears and teeth.

Having your dog groomed is a lot easier if they are introduced to it as puppies. Touch your pups ears and feet and introduce them to brushing as early as possible. By getting them used to these things the grooming process will be less stressful for them. Grooming is not just aesthetically pleasing to you but it is also important for your pet. It will keep their skin, hair, nails, ears and teeth healthy. It is also great for cutting down on shedding within the home subsequently reducing any fur related allergies. As well as cooling them down and reducing fleas in summer.

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