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   Please mum and dad, read this information before making any decisions about leaving us in anyone's care.

I receive endless calls telling me about their bad experiences don't be one of these families.
  • Do they have a safe home environment for your pets?
  • Do they have "First Aid Certificate”?
  • Do they have qualifications in behavioural issues? bad habits form easily are they aware of how dog's can pick up very bad habits whilst in care etc...
  • How and what do they do to stop this, can they even identify?
  • How close are the Veterinary surgeons? Or how far?

A review "online" review about choosing “pet minders”, mentioned one of Melbourne’s pet minding services. One of the things about this and these other type of companies is that the families they register as Pet Minders usually come from ads asking if people who love animals want to earn some extra cash. According to the review the minders were paid $6.00 now that has been raised to $9.00 I am told. $9.00 out of the total fee you pay to the agency. They were paid $9.00 to care for your pet while the Agency gets the balance.
Now granted, some expenses do have to be paid out of the total fee this comes out of the agencies portion, which is substantially higher than the minder.

In my opinion and it is only my opinion, to care for a dog in my home on a daily basis or to visit your home on a daily basis for $6.00 or $9.00, is not very appealing, particularly if I had come into this line of work from a small ad saying, want to “EARN SOME MORE CASH” I encourage you to do your research.

I receive numerous complaints about cats and dogs being left unattended for days, at $6.00 or $9.00 a visit I dare say it would be easy to forget your pooch or pussy.

Agencies are employing families who in many cases have no experience with pets, other that they like them; THIS IS NOT ENOUGH!!

Please give serious thought to this and when arranging pet minders make sure you are well informed.
Some families, who pet mind, have small children, teenagers, their own pets (varied breeds) , if you are leaving your pet you should know all this and more.

Teenagers can be vague at times, (not intentionally) they can:-
  • leave gates open,
  • Their friends visit and before long the rules are forgotten.
  • Small children can be unintentionally cruel
  • Pulling tails
  • Prodding and poking, even riding on big dogs backs.

If your dog has any signs of hip displacer then this is disastrous. If your dog doesn’t then they may end up having a very sore back.

Small children can be rowdy, and too energetic for some more timid dogs, don’t subject your dog to this environment. Not to mention dogs nipping children who are a bit rough.

Some families don’t have pets so they don ‘t understand how they need to be secured, watched, not allowed to eat toadstools, not allowed to go near wandering dew etc. Some people store old timber with nails in it, dogs have been known to have punctured their paws while playing or trying to escape if they become anxious.

Some houses store nasty chemicals,
  • Rat poisons
  • Snail baits, many nasty things your dog can get into
  • Gates need padlocks, latches, locks
  • Fences need to be secure

We mind pets and walk dogs, (see dog walking page) we offer a totally personalised relationship with you and your pets. They can either stay at home in familiar surroundings or they can stay in fully air conditioned spacious family home with plenty of areas to lounge in the sun, the shade, or stare out of the window on a rainy day and watch the birds get wet from the comfort of a warm lounge and sun room, until they drift into a deep slumber after having been run off their paws at the lake. Free Hydro bath with a 3 week booking. We operate 365 days a year at no extra cost, no one can beat that. Prices per visit or stay no one can beat that either. Melbourne's preffered dog walking company.

In my opinion, using anyone less than a qualified person to mind your pets is nothing less than Animal Cruelty...... Think About It!

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