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   Positive K9 Training have devised simple yet effective training methods which are based on using the most positives and effective methods from a range of different training styles.

About Us

Every year thousands of dog owners young and old are faced with the headache of helping their pet adapt to their daily lifestyle. Though there are hundreds of different techniques and methods that are used to assist your pet in finding his or her place in your life, you cannot be expected to take on this challenge alone.

When it comes to training your pet, it’s very easy to become confused with what is the right choice for you and your pet. This is why Positive K9 Training have devised simple yet effective training methods which are based on using the most positives and effective methods from a range of different training styles. We also understand that every dog is different which iswhy we tailor a program to you and your pets needs. This translates to a purely POSITIVE outcome with lasting results for both of you!


Positive Obedience Training

With a personalised training program tailored to the needs of both the dog and handler you can rest assured that your dog will be the best he can be. We believe in offering a personalised one on one approach to training as it creates a better bond, giving you a greater understanding of how to handle and communicate with your dog.

A common misconception is that you need to invest hours on end into training your dog, which couldn’t be further from the truth! With this sort of training your dog usuallybecomes less obedient and willing to train leading to frustration with the handler, damaging the relationship. At Positive K9 we have devised simple yet effective training methods which need no more than 10 minutes a day which are fun for the both of you, while you’re completing foundation training to get reliable results.

We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different so that’s why we offer both detailed one on one training , as well as conducting training while you fill work commitments. We will train your dog to your desired level in a few simplesession and simply hand back over to you and provide a detailed lesson to give you theskills and understanding you need to enjoy your amazingly trained dog.

As we understand every ones needs are different we don’t offer set obedience packages, but can tailor a package based on your needs and expectations. Listed below are the obedience skills we can work on.
    • Meet and greeting people politely
    • Sit
    • Down/Drop
    • Stand
    • Sit Stay (Handler out of sight and off lead)
    • Down Stay (Handler out of sight and off lead)
    • Come when called ( around distractions)
    • Heeling on lead
    • Obedience control around distractions (Other dogs, playing children)
    • Eye contact on voice command
    • Refuse food from strangers
    • Basic trick and assistance skills (Open/Close doors, Dance, Spin etc)


Motivation in Training

This is a very simple theory, but when lacking experience can be complicated when put into practice. Motivation will assist in a dogs ability to learn.

In my opinion, building motivation is essential when it comes to effective obedience as well as engagement when learning. Many people often confuse a doggy treat or other reward with motivation. while this does have a positive experience for your dog, it is not creating the type of motivation that contributes to later learning. For example if you train your dog to heed every command with a reward, you will eventually find your pet will not perform without it. Having to rely on treats only teaches the dog to listen to the reward and not to the owner.

To avoid this situation you need to have an understanding of what motivates dogs and the process of how they learn. The goal of creating motivation in your dog is making sure he or she is willing to learn and be engaged with their handler no matter what distractions are present.

A simple of example of this at the most basic level is – Perform a short little obedience routine with your dog (sit, stop, and heel) and reward him as you usually would and watch their speed when performing these actions. Now try this instead: take your dogs favourite treat or toy and get them to chase it around building up drive to get there reward. After approximately 30 seconds ask them to perform the same routine and watch as they respond quicker to the command. The results will be almost instant. Now reward them with a quick game or food and plenty of praise. This is a more effective way of building motivation in its simplest form. It will only take a few short sessions with your dog building motivation to notice amazing improvements.

For more information on building motivation in your dog, please feel free to contact us.


Behavioural Consultations and Problem Solving

“Because prevention is better then the cure” – Chris Loverseed (trainer)
Positive K9 Training believes when it comes to behavioural issues.

“Prevention is better then the cure” so its best to overcome these before the fear becomes the fact. Sometimes these issues can happen without you even realising, leaving owners to chase their dog around the house with your shoes in their mouths or struggling to stop them from pouncing on guests as soon as they walk in the door.

The good news is that we can usually rectify the majority of problems in a single session with more serious issues taking two or more sessions. With our hands on approach, we can deal with dogs that have a range of behavioural issues. Our deep understanding of canine psychology is an effective element in planning to extinguish these issues in our routine visits.

Listed below is just a small list of issues we can assist you with to restore peace back in your lifestyle.
    Jumping up on guests
    Mutli dog household aggression
    Chasing the kids
    Constant nipping
    Fearful aggression and Fearful submissiveness
    Escape artists
    Constant leash pulling
    Dog aggression
    Aggression towards humans
    Preventing issues between dogs and children
    Running away
    Destructive behaviour (chewing, digging, pulling washing off line etc)
    Separation anxiety
    Excessive barking
    Over excitement
    Excessive barking or crying
    The list goes on……..
At your initial consultation we will discuss in depth, what issues you are having, the cause of them and what our action plan will be to ending the problem. We also provide you with all the information needed to have a better understanding of what and why is happening and how to prevent it from reoccurring. Unlimited phone and email follow up is included in your cost, infact we actually encourage you to do so! This way we know that you’re heading in the right direction and can assist in any additional advice if need.

Please contact us for more information or to book an in-home consultation.

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