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New South Wales 2325
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   High performance meat and layer chickens, ducks, and game birds for the barn and free range production systems.

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Nulkaba Hatchery

Nulkaba Hatchery provides a real alternative in Australian poultry breeding.

About Us

We are independent of major egg, broiler, duck and game bird producers and have no effective involvement in any of these industries.

Our broiler, layer, duck and game bird genetic programmes are conducted in Australia by a qualified and experienced geneticist.

As we conduct our own genetic programmes, and own our genetic resources, no royalty payments to overseas breeding companies are required.

All of our breeding programmes are designed to produce high performance livestock for the barn or free range environment - the poultry farming choice of the future.

Because our breeding programmes are conducted in Australia, and in the environment of ultimate use, our lines have become increasingly heat tolerant.

Additionally, as our layer and broiler stock are of a quiet temperament and easily managed, no beak trimming is required.

Independent of major egg, broiler, duck and game bird producers

Nulkaba Hatchery is a privately owned business independent of major egg, broiler, duck and game bird producers.

Our expertise lies in the genetic improvement and subsequent hatching, rearing and sale of egg and broiler strains of chickens, ducks and game birds.

We are not an integrated operation and therefore have no effective involvement in the broiler or egg production industries, or in the duck or game bird industries.

Genetic programmes conducted in Australia by an experienced geneticist

All our genetic improvement programmes are conducted in Australia by an experienced geneticist. Conducting on-going improvement in Australia means that the resultant broiler, layer, duck or game bird is likely to be more adapted, and suitable, for the Australian market.

Our geneticist is university trained and has had more than thirty years experience in the Australian poultry industry having developed the superior Siro-CT, Siro-CB and Hy-Line Gold layers, and the Rochedale Hywate broiler, and co-developed the Hy-Line and Steggles broilers.

Our proprietary poultry lines include both Australian and imported blood lines which provide a good mix in our commercial layers, broilers, ducks and game birds.

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