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Precious Pets Boarding Kennels Cattery & Hydrotherapy Centre

A42 Jenners Lane
New South Wales 2340
P 02 6760 7070
MRick 0428 334 236
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"Where your pets are part of our family"

Owned and operated by a qualified veterinary nurse & experienced groomer

Precious pets is a Multiple family pet specialist

Boarding Kennels
  • 30 Kennels from 16m x 6m all grassed pen.
  • 5 Indoor kennels.
  • Once your dog/s go into their pen, that's where they stay, in their own 'back yard'.
  • Brick kennels 2m x 2m x1.8m high within their own yard, trampoline beds available.
  • Pens are divided by 1.8m high chain wire fences.
  • Smaller dogs not next to big dogs.
  • Medications admitted on request.
  • Current Vaccinations required ( minimum C5 ).
  • Bookings recommended.
  • Inspections welcome.
  • Full grooming service.
  • Pick up and Drop service available.

    • 10 cat suites 3m long x 1m wide x 2m high.
    • Cattery inside an enclosed building,
    • Each suite has ground floor, level 2 bedding and dining area & level 3 sunning platform.
    • On sunny days, the roller doors are up for sun baking & cold days the doors stay down to keep the weather out.
    • Only high quality cat food available.
    • Current Vaccination required ( minimum F3 ).
    • Bookings recommended.
    • Inspections welcome.
    • Pick up and Drop service available.

    Feel free to swim with your dog in our new pet hydrotherapy pool

    The pool is an indoor heated 8X 3.2m inground pool with assisted swimming & hydrotherapy provided by a qualified veterinary nurse. The pool has been endorsed by local veterinarians and is good for a number of pet related problems including
    • Overweight
    • Arthritis, surgical and injury recovery
    • Exercise and fitness

    Pool is open by appointment
    with a casual relaxed and friendly atmosphere ( spring / summer only )

    Call 02 6760 7070 or 0428334236 today to make a booking

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