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Male Pug Stud Melbourne

Brentan Doeven
AMelbourne CBD
Victoria 3000
M04 8809 4619
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Pug Stud Melbourne
Pug Stud Service - They come to you!
Fawn Purebred Pug... And Black Purebred Pug...


Male Pug Stud Melbourne

Agent J is ready to hire...

And so is Father Bob...

Male Pug Stud Melbourne And Victoria

Welcome to my Pug Stud Service, available in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, and All of Victoria.

My name is Brentan, and I am a registered breeder with Dogs Victoria.
I am a very proud and responsible pug breeder.

I love my pugs so much, and I am happy to welcome you to Agent J... And Father Bob...

These are my male pugs who are reporting for stud service duty.

Agent J, is a purebred black male pug.

And Father Bob, is a purebred Fawn male pug.

We want to help your pug have beautiful healthy purebred puppies!

Agent J is 4 years old, and has sired many litters! He wants your pug to have super gorgeous, healthy puppies, from a good gene pool.

Father Bob is one and a half years old, and of course still has many litters to sire!

Agent J and Father Bob are available for duty all across Melbourne, Geelong, and Victoria.

Either stud can come to you, and stay overnight with your female pug, or even for a few days. This will enable multiple matings, even though they only need one mating from experience to ensure pregnancy!

If you time your female dog’s ovulation right, this should be completely adequate.

The cost is $700 for one to two days/nights stay. Or you could want just one visit.
Or a bit longer stay, of a few days.

Please send me a message to enquire as to how long you'd like Agent J or Father Bob to stay with your girl.

Rather than ask you to pay the price of the rehoming fee of a puppy (what most breeders do), which is quite a lot, I think this is a much more fair approach for you.

Agent J and Father Bob look forward to meeting your pug!!!

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