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Raksha Kennels

Lorraine Tipple
A75 Windle Street
Victoria 3342
P 03 5368 1434
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Home of Australia's First Grand Champion Schnauzer, Victoria's First Bred Grand Champion Schnauzer and many Australian Champions.

About Raksha Kennels

Lorraine Tipple's passion for the animal husbandry started some forty five years ago when she purchased a Border Collie Kelpie and then in 1971 after considerable success in obedience training, Lorraine establishment Raksha Kennels and started breeding Basenjis. Lorraine then in the early 70's started to show and obedience trial with a Collie. In early 80's Shelties and miniature Schnauzers were intoduced to Raksha Kennels.

Lorraine became very successful with her dogs, gaining eight Australian Champions and in Obedience, trialled three Companion Dogs (CD), two Companion Dog Excellent (CDX), an Open and Utility Dog (UD) and Graduate Dog (GD).

Raksha Kennels miniature Schnauzers are oustanding and many are Australian Champion in the show ring, CD and CDX obedience titles. Raksha Kennels foundation bitch has been very successful bitch, and with the introduction of European, American and Canadian bloodlines Lorraine has bred sixteen Champions and Obedience, Jumping Dog (JD), Agility Dog (AD) and Endurance Title (E.T.) dogs.

Raksha Kennels breeds black and silver Schnauzers, in particular, CH Raksha George Girl and Raksha Pandora's Box are presently being shown with Pepper and Salt Raksha Yantzee. All breeding stock are eye tested and have won many In Groups and In Show Awards.

Products and Services

Raksha Kennels is currently focusing its breeding program on:
  • Salt-and-pepper Schnauzer's and
  • Black-and-silver Miniature Schnauzers.
Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing our puppies. All our dogs are micro chipped, vaccinated and eye tested to ensure optimum health.

    Raksha Kennels is experienced in grooming dogs and we offer bathing, drying and the grooming of all dog breeds.

Obedience Training
    Raksha Kennels is home to many dogs that have been won awards. Lorraine is very experienced in dog obedience training with countless awards to show for it. Raksha Kennels offers obedience classes to all dogs.

In the Hindi language spoken in northern and central India, Raksha means "protection". In Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book stories Raksha the Demon is the name of the Mother Wolf who adopts the 'man-cub' Mowgli"

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