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   Welcome to Ravera Ragdolls...

"Reputable Registered Breeders of the Beautiful Ragdoll"

We are located near Wollongong, 50 mins south of Sydney, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA.

About Us
My wish for a Ragdoll began many years ago, while watching a TV program called "Burkes Backyard" when they road tested the Ragdoll. "Tia" was my first Ragdoll bought for me by my husband for mothers day (2003).

I was so amazed by her, she loved our son Jake (only 4mths). Tia just wanted to be around him and played with him ever so gently. Tia is retired now! Jake and Tia have a special bond. She is never too far from him, always going to bed when Jake does. Tia began my passion with this very special feline.

We started as a small Boutique Cattery Specializing in Ragdolls. We realized after a few years, that we needed to have more Kings & Queens with unrelated bloodlines. We wanted to continue our breeding program without related breeding, as this was not an option for us. We have always selected our Ragdolls from impeccable lineage tracing back to the original Ragdolls.

Our Ragdolls have exceptional imported heritage from the USA, UK, Canada, Japan and New Zealand. We also have imported ourselves to keep our bloodlines at the highest standard. 2011 is looking to be very exciting for us with a very special boy and girl joining us from abroad!

Our Ragdolls are firstly our pets and their needs are paramount. We pride ourselves on our integrity and have always taken a holistic approach with our breeding program. Always maintaining our Boutique Style Cattery and have continued to produce healthy, happy Ragdolls of exceptional quality.

We aim to optimize their health: investing a lot of expense on genetic testing and selective breeding with unrelated bloodlines. Type: is important as this is what makes them so beautiful and those stunning blue eye's are just unforgettable. Temperament: is extremely important as this is what makes them so special and adored by their owners.

All our Kings & Queens are DNA tested HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) negative and Pkd (Polycystic Kidney Disease) negative. Also blood tested for FIV (Feline Aids) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) negative.

We have been advised by our Specialist Vet to test for these particular diseases, even though the percentage of infection is quite low with some of these diseases: we believe any test that gives us peace of mind, when handing over our little ones to their forever homes is invaluable.

Our Ragdolls have been extensively shown over the years and have received many Awards. Including "Supreme Exhibit", "Best in Show","Best of Breed" and Ragdoll of the Year.

This year we are having a well earned rest from the showring as we are delighted with our results in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. Confirming that we produce Ragdolls at the highest International standard and with Kim Everett's words of support "That you have done amazing things with Ragdolls and you will continue to do so". Thank you Kim!

The quality, nature and breeding of our gorgeous cats, are highly desirable in the Advertising Industry. With Ravera Diesel, finding himself a new career as a top model. His ability to be so flexible and calm in his new surroundings, has made him the perfect model in any arena, paired with any new companion. The Photographer and Advertising staff, were amazed with this, and even more so, when they discovered, Diesel was an Entire Working Male.

Ragdoll History and Information

I have added the link above for the History and information on the Ragdoll. It is by TICA (The International Cat Association) which is American based. This is were the beautiful Ragdoll originated from.

Ragdolls have a very laid back and gentle disposition! They enjoy following their owners/family members everywhere, even if it is to the bathroom. Ragdolls' are great with children and tolerant of other pets. Enjoy any company, even if it is the pet bird in a cage.

Ragdolls are an indoor cat, they enjoy inside living and are very happy keeping the lounge warm or being a shadow. All the above characteristics and traits, explains why they have been referred to as the "dog of the cat world". Being overly friendly and not too apprehensive makes it quite dangerous for them to be outside unattended.

Their coat texture is similar to rabbit fur and is generally an easy care coat only needing brushing once a week, possibly a little more with their winter coats.

Our backyard & pets...

Some of our Ragdolls (Fern, Phoenix and Gypsy), Missy (Duck), Bantams (Chic, Chook and Pumpkin) and Jack our Chihuahua all enjoying our native gardens"

Being avid animal lovers! we have a few extra members to our extended family. All our pets enjoy our backyard and have no problem in sharing it with each other!

We pride ourselves on our beautiful native gardens, specifically designed for our precious Kings & Queens. Enjoying some outside living due to it being a cat safe area gives them time to soak up some sunshine, play and roll in the dirt if they desire. They also have the opportunity to ingest extra nutrients from the native grasses: We believe this has been a major factor with the happiness, health and the high quality of our Ragdolls.

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