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Redgum Vet & Pet Boarding

Port Augusta
South Australia 5700
P 08 8642 3308
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Redgum Vet & Pet Boarding is a unique and total approach to pet care,
including Vet Clinic, Boarding Kennels and Grooming.

We offer an extensive range of veterinary services and medical care for all animals, no matter what stage of life. Dr. Roger Absalom and his well trained staff will always put the needs of your pet first.

People come to see Dr. Absalom as he is a passionate, caring vet and is well known throughout Port Augusta and surrounding areas. Specialising in a range of services, the Redgum vet team pride themselves on reliable, professional, friendly and welcoming service.

Additionally Dr. Roger Absalom lives on-site, extending the care while your pets are boarding at Redgum Vet & Pet Boarding. The Boarding facilities are spacious and airconditioned. With generous exercise areas, your pets will be able to run and play and even make new friends during their visit.

A visit to 'Hair OFF the Dog' grooming before you pick up your pet will ensure your best friend looks and smells amazing for the trip home.


Vet Clinic

Redgum Vets is staffed by 2.5 Vets. Dr Roger Absalom, has been a Port Augusta local for over 30 years. Well known throughout the district, Dr. Absalom has a close affinity with the outback and rural and remote environments. As such, he regularly services outreach clinics in Coober Pedy, Ceduna, Roxby Downs, Andamooka, Quorn and Hawker, as well as shorter day trips to closer areas.

Dr. Yvette Yates is with us three days a week. Her local knowledge is invaluable and her calm and relaxed manner is a great asset to the clinic.

Dr. Dana Leben is the newest member of the Redgum Vet team. Dr. Dana joins us full time as a new graduate from America, having completed her Veterinary studies at Edinburgh University.

The Redgum Vet clinic is fully equipped and functioning. To ensure the best possible care, support and diagnosis for your pets, we carry an extensive range of diagnostic tools and equipment. This includes digital x-ray processing, and ultrasound, as well as surgical support tools.

We network with a range of specialist services to ensure those more involved cases and surgeries are offered the best outcomes for recovery. Redgum also has the support of a behavioural consultant and an animal Bowen Therapy practitioner.

Redgum carries a wide range of products to support good animal health and care, from nutritional needs, enrichment toys and treats, and skin and coat requirements. Our Vet Nurses are able to support your decision making in ensuring positive animal health.

Home Visits

At Redgum, we know that getting to the Clinic for an appointment, or grooming, can sometimes be more difficult. Perhaps your dog is terrified of the Vet, or you just canít get him in the car, or perhaps mobility is a problem for you.

We understand these issues and have worked towards making good animal health care easier for all of our clients.

We now have the Redgum van. You will see us out and about around Port Augusta.

This will be used for Veterinary home visits, picking up and delivery of pets for grooming, and for delivering foods and goods.

Perhaps you have ordered a bag of food, but picking it up can be difficult. No worries Ė we will deliver to your house; perhaps your dog needs a groom, but you find it difficult to get in and out of the car. No worries Ė we will pick up your little bundle of fluff and deliver a well-manicured pooch!

Redgum have a scheduled van route, so please be aware that orders or pick-ups might need to wait until the Van is near you.

Equine Support (Horses)

Dr Roger has always undertaken horse work, but needed Veterinary back-up to be able to offer a sustained service. Now, with the support of two additional Vets on staff, and the building of a horse specific yard area, inclusive of a crush, Dr. Roger is able to offer horse consults at Redgum.

Redgum will be available for all equine consults, including pre-purchase examinations, blood tests, lameness checks, general surgery and health checks, castrations and dental procedures (excluding reproduction procedures).

Dr. Roger has recently acquired a power float to support dental work, and continues to offer dental rasping.

Boarding Kennels and Cattery

At Redgum Vet & Pet Boarding, your treasured four legged, best friend will be treated to quality care. Our trained staff and on-site Vet perform daily inspections to ensure your pet's health is maintained. Any changes are reported immediately to you, or your nominated representative.

We offer a variety of quality food choices, however, if your dog has specific dietary requirements you may choose to provide their own food. In this way any changes to diet are minimised. At Redgum Vet & Pet Boarding, we promote the highest standards of health and safety for your dog, within the daily cleaning, feeding, and exercising regimes.

Our kennels are clean, spacious and air conditioned, so your pets are in year round comfort.

Like any good hotel, our pet hotel provides accommodation for singles and doubles. Your pet can have a private bedroom with a very comfortable and freshly cleaned bed to itself. We can also provide twin share accommodation for those pets who like to snuggle up and play together.

We aim to let your dogs have as much time outside as possible, weather permitting. We have a number of generous exercise areas for dogs to play with carers or to run around on their own. If you nominate, your dog can be socialised with other dogs of the same size or sex. Our fences and grounds are safe and secure, with several check stations between the kennels and the front of the premises.

Cats are housed in generous indoor areas with full access to an outdoor run. Your cat will be secure in air-conditioned comfort with a variety of play options. Cats are not socialised, except within the same family.

Our point of difference is that we allow dogs to act like dogs. We encourage play and socialisation. For example during the warmer months, we use many wading pools, which the dogs love to play in. Of course, this means they may get dirty as they run and play, however, we believe exercise and play are important to the general well-being and health of all dogs. If you would prefer you pet not be included in these activities, we will respect your wishes.

Dogs entering the kennels need:
  • Current C5 vaccinations with vaccination certificate proving so
  • Current Flea and tick treatment applied (This can be done when the animal arrives)
Cats entering the cattery need:
  • Current F3 vaccinations with vaccination certificate proving so
  • Current flea treatment applied (This can be done when the animal arrives)
We want to care for your pet in the best possible way. In order to do this, we need specific information from you. When you bring your pet for the first time, there will be paperwork to complete. This should only take about 10 minutes, but will support our staff to make sure they know all the details necessary when working with your pet. From time to time, the staff will ask you to update this information. This will ensure any changes to your pets routine, or daily life are recorded and passed on to the kennel staff.

Hair OFF the Dog - Grooming Service

Is your dog or cat looking a bit ragged or tired and you want to spruce it up a bit? Is the smell of your best friend interrupting your cuddle times?

Donít worry! At Redgum Vet & Pet Boarding, we can help! Just call in and see our friendly Grooming Manager, Skye, in the onsite grooming service at Redgum Vet and Pet Boarding.

Skye can wash and groom your dog or cat to perfection, and is happy to fulfil any request to make your furry friend look and smell absolutely beautiful. Skye is able to specialise in all cuts; talk to her about your needs.

Using the correct type of shampoo for your dog will make your pet feel relaxed, cleaned and fresh. All products used at Redgum vet and Pet Boarding are very high in quality and hygienic, and are available for over the counter sale to support that fantastic fresh smell between visits.

In addition to the traditional cutting and cleaning process, your pet can also enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage in the hydrobath. Perhaps your dog is short haired, and doesnít need the full grooming service, but will still benefit from a relaxing hydrobath.

Skye can discuss shampoos, or perhaps you need advice on the right type of brush to use. Ashton also specialises in grooming long haired cats. Our Vet will discuss sedation options with you, if it is required.

You are not the only one who wants to look good all year round, so get your four-legged friend groomed at Redgum today.

We also have a fantastic reward system for regular clients. Make sure you talk to Skye or reception staff about this!

Grooming Manager Skye is a perfectionist! If you are looking for a quick groom, this is not the place for you! Skye prides herself on making sure that your pet looks amazing, and without stress or concern. She has regular, dedicated clients who can attest to that! read more...

Happy Hounds Behavioural Service

The Happy Hounds program was recommended to us by the magnificent staff at Redgum Vets. Our issue was that we had just been informed that our very much loved seven year old Labrador was howling for periods of time whilst we were out.

The Happy Hounds trainer (Leanne) came to our house to observe how we interacted with our Labrador, ranging from playing, feeding, walking and leaving the yard. Leanne developed a tailored training program for us and of course Gus the Labrador, giving our family confidence in you using the knowledge she has given us to work with in correcting our Labrador his howling behaviour.

Leanne provided us with full support and made herself available to answer any further quires we had as we worked through the program. She clearly demonstrated what training techniques that we had to use and ensured that we fully understood these before moving on.

It has been 4 weeks since our initial consultation and we have noticed a change in our dog, he seems to have settled an is responding to Leanneís program. We believe the Happy Hound training has made a dramatic change to our dogs behaviour and the adjustment we have made are becoming normal routines with the dog.

Outreach Clinic

Dr Roger has a wide outreach clinic service. This extends from Ceduna on the West Coast (monthly), to Coober Pedy in the north of the state (6 weekly), and more close to home, Andamooka and Roxby (monthly). He also visits Quorn, Hawker, and Wilmington on a needs basis.

Dr Roger also supports Oodnadatta twice a year through the Outback Community Authority, and Indigenous communities in Yalata, Ceduna, Coober Pedy, Berri, Copley, Maree and Port Augusta, through the Department of Health.

The outreach clinics are Dr Rogerís way of retaining contact with people and animals living in rural and remote settings. Having grown up on outback stations, this environment is very dear to Dr Rogerís heart; he is acutely aware of the problems and experiences people and animals face in these outback settings.

Outreach clinics are advertised on facebook, and also via text and email. All the clients in that region will receive a text or email, alerting them to the upcoming visit. Then, if they are looking for Veterinary support, they give the clinic a call, text or email with their specific request. A few days prior to the planned clinic a staff member (usually Louise) will give the client a call and set up the appointments for Dr Rogerís visit.

These outback trips are absolutely amazing Ė you get to meet some fantastic personalities and animals! Sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes frustrating, but always exciting as you never know what will walk through the door next.

Call today for a fun, healthy & stress free pet.


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