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Michele Brandis
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Western Australia 6210
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   We have been breeding Ragdolls for nearly 17years now and could not imagine our lives without them...

Welcome to Rivendoll Ragdolls

Hi, my name is Michele and along with my husband Joe, we have a small family ragdoll cattery situated by the coast in Mandurah, just south of Perth in beautiful Western Australia, where we share our lives with our "feline friends" and our English Springer Spaniels named Hannah and Tarni who play a special role in the lives of our ragdolls.

We have been breeding Ragdolls for nearly 14 years now and could not imagine our lives without them. As we are now lucky enough to be retired, we spend countless hours of enjoyment tending to the needs of our "four legged friends" and of course that wonderful experience, which never ceases to amaze us of raising babies, which result in a healthy little ragdoll kitten ready to play that special role in someone else's life.

Our kittens are born in their own special bedroom and raised underfoot in our home, giving us great pleasure and of course many laughs as we watch the antics of the kittens, or as Joe calls them "the flying felinis". Our Mums and babies are never caged and therefore enjoy the social aspects of family life right from the beginning and are completely content with living indoors.

Our little treasures have the best possible care from the time of conception until they leave us to go to their new homes and above all are shown lots of love and affection, resulting in a ragdoll kitten you will be proud to own.

We are a closed cattery, therefore guarding against outside disease and our girls are never overbred, as their continued good health, we believe is the essence of our healthy kittens. We usually have kittens available throughout the breeding season for loving homes. Please remember that visitors are always encouraged and welcome to meet our ragdolls and see how their kitten will be raised. Just give us a call to make sure we are at home.

Please feel free to contact us regarding availability of kittens or just for some advice as we are always more than happy to try and help in any way.

Breed Info

The Ragdoll is a large muscular cat with a broad wedge shaped head and expressive blue eyes. They are semi-longhaired and their coat is soft, silky and rabbit like. They are a beautiful sight in winter with their full ruff and britches. They are nonmatting and we suggest that they enjoy a brush once a week. An adult ragdoll’s size ranges between (4-5kg) for females and (5-8kg) for males. They reach full maturity between three to four years of age.

The ragdoll is believed to have originated just prior to 1965. The name was chosen because of its ability and habit of relaxing in the same manner as that of a “Rag Doll”. It is said that it originated from a blue eyed white cat named Josephine owned by Ann Baker. When handling these cats you will notice the tendency to go limp whilst being held in your arms.

The Ragdoll has an exceptionally gentle, well-balanced temperament and a lovable personality. It does not display the independence and aloofness for which cats are generally known, but wants to be where you are and will follow you everywhere. It is a personality cat, intelligent, playful and affectionate. They mature into faithful loving lifetime companions. The Ragdoll is a cat of great beauty and it is pure joy to be owned by such an exquisite creature.

Ragdolls are extremely affectionate and a great company cat. They easily adapt to new surroundings and other cats, dogs and children and become an important part of the family. They are playful, without being noisy or destructive. They have a quiet voice. All this, and with their non-matting fur make them excellent house cats. Ragdolls are very suitable for apartment dwellers as they are strictly an INDOOR CAT and should not be allowed outdoors unless under close supervision. The Ragdoll can be trained very easily to a harness and lead and enjoy the experience of a walk in the garden.

Ragdoll kittens are born white, acquiring their colouring and coat pattern by the age of six weeks. Ragdolls are available in the following colours: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, cream, red and tortie.

The coat patterns of the Ragdolls are: pointed, mitted, bicolour and lynx (tabby markings in one of the three previous patterns). The varying patterns may be bred in all the above colours.

Ragdolls are reasonably low maintenance due to the nonmatting coat. They do enjoy a good brush once a week which helps eliminate any loose hair which can cause furballs. They generally are quite obliging when it comes to a bath which also gets rid of any unwanted hair. Normal maintenance such as worming, flea treatment and their annual vaccination and vet check is paramount for a good healthy cat.

If you have a lot of love to give and like the idea of a constant companion then maybe a Ragdoll is the cat for you.

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