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A7/1 Sunlight Drive
Port Kennedy
Western Australia 6172
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   Welcome to Rivereef Aquariums

About Us
If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Rivereef Aquariums we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy.

Customize an aquarium to suit your lifestyle.
Rivereef Aquariums can offer everything your looking for to complete a stunning feature within your home or office.

Catering in everything from the simplest Siamese fighting fish to the largest living reef systems, from small fish bowl or terrariums to the highest end custom built aquariums and reptile enclosures, we offer everything your looking for.

With over 45 years of combined experiance within aquarium industry, our staff are of the highest quality to give premium service and advise you can trust.

Offering at all times a huge variety of livestock of all sizes, all the necessary accessories for fish, reptiles and customized construction services, its all here at Rivereef Aquariums. Like no other store in Western Australia , we are open 7 days a week for purchasing of fish, reptile accessories, foods and so much more, we can also offer
  • Aquariums and Reptile enclosures for retro fit outs
  • Custom built Aquariums and Reptile enclosures for your home or office
  • Call out services for maintenance and advise.
  • Education and training packages for schools, individuals or groups

Custom Aquariums

Rivereef Aquariums have the knowledge and experience to build you your dream aquarium. Our aquarium design team will work to your specifications to create an aquarium that is designed to fit within your home or office. Rivereef Aquariums can recreate any underwater environment to suit your needs and budget, our team can customise the size and shape to anything you can imagine.

We can install aquariums for any biotype you require and make it as maintenance free as possible. A Rivereef custom designed aquarium will compliment any home or office and create a wounderful ambience and relaxation.

We cater for corporate, private and commercial installations. No aquarium is too big or too small and we work with you to provide exceptional service and garantee you are 100% satisfied with your new aquarium. We take out all the hassle and hard work involved in situation, setup and maintenance. Our staff are more than happy to run over the ins and outs of your new aquarium and ensure that every new addition to the aquarium is best suited and will co-exist with other tank inhabitants. We can provide you with full literature about the fish or style of aquarium you will own.

A well kept, designed and maintained aquarium is a focal point for any room and will draw the eyes of anyone who walks past. Coral tanks containing a vast ecosystem of various fish, inverts and corals will provide a non stop living window into the most beautiful parts of nature. Each day the coral will grow, fish will school together and the aquarium will change and adapt.


At Rivereef Aquariums we can provide you with licencing up to category 4 and we have all the accessories you could ever want to set up your dream enclosure and a cosy new home for your new pet.
If you are thinking of getting a reptile for a pet, do your research, Rivereef Aquariums are happy to discuss with you all the licencing requirements, enclosure requirement and what reptile might be best for you. Come in and pay us a visit and we will help you on your way to owning your very own weird but very wonderful pet.

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