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Karen Francis
South Australia 5000
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   Based in the Adelaide Hills, ruff prints photography specialises in creating natural & individual portraits that reflect your pet's unique personality in your home or favourite location.

creative pet photography

ruff prints photography travels to you, making the session as fun and stress-free for you and your pet as possible.

email or call 0421 483 702 to make a booking.

About Us

ruff prints photographer Karen Francis is based in the Adelaide hills, South Australia since 2007.

Photography and animals are two of my loves. I enjoy looking at beautiful images as well as creating them. Great photography inspires me to continually refine my own skills. For me, photographing pets is about capturing their individual characters. My favourite images have a warm, emotive quality with real soul or sense of fun. I love being able to offer a service that recognises what an important part our wonderful pets play in our lives.

Fergus (bear)
Fergus is a ball obsessed little munchkin man. He is a cupboard fossicker & serial stealer of food or anything with toy potential. Due to the number & severity of bad habits, he will often resort to extreme cuteness to guarantee his access to cuddles & the couch. He has the most annoying bark in the world.

Annie believes she is of royal lineage, but like Fergus, she came to us from a shelter. She is Fergie's beloved leader & frequent instigator of mayhem. Catching frisbees and racing Fergus around her garden with her long whippety legs are her favourite pastimes. She is a possum & chook tormentor but is otherwise a sensitive and gentle lady. She is renown for her innovative approach to relaxing on the sofa.

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