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   Maine Coon kittens available.

Sankewi Maine Coons is a small cattery situated in South Western Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Maine Coon Kittens - $950 each.
Each kitten comes desexed, microchipped, two vaccinations, 5 generation pedigree.
Available to inside homes only.

Current litter black classic tabbies some with white. Available end of December 2011. Deposits taken now to reserve the kitten of your choice.

Check website for photos updated weekly and information on available kittens.

Welcome to Sankewi Maine Coons

Sankewi (pronounced sahn-keh-wee) comes from the Passaquoddy native American tribe, Maine U.S.A. The tribe has spanned USA - Canadian borders, St. Crioux River for the past 600+ generations; approximately 12,000 years.

Sankewi means gentle, peaceful and perfectly describes the temperament of the breed.

Maine Coons are commonly referred to as the gentle giants, with a distinctive physical appearance.

They are one of the oldest natural breeds, specifically native to the state of Maine, USA, where they are the official State Cat.

My Cats

I first met my beautiful girl Puzzle at the 2007 kitten day at Sydney's Royal Easter Show. The attraction was mutual and instant. Circumstances prevented from me from making her mine and sadly she went to another home. Fortunately for me she was returned to her breeder a few months later due to a change in family circumstances and she became available again... this time she became mine!

Puzzle is the daughter of Hurklecat Sugarfoot Stomp (imp. U.K.) and Coolcoons Zachary. She is extremely agile and very intelligent, perhaps more so than the breed is renowned for in their gentle giant profile.

Puzzle joined Toby, the almost wonder dog, Bug (short for bugger of a cat, so named by the rescue organisation that were finding her a home) and Phoebe, my daughter's cat. There is no doubt she considers herself and is accepted as top cat.

In September 2008 Tristone Kynan Wmffre was born, Sugar delivered me the loveliest, smoochiest boy... a real designer kitten! A half-sister to Puzzle and the son of Hurklecat Sugarfoot Stomp (imp. U.K.) and Gradach Rhett Butler.

Names have been given to match their personalities and colouring. Although Puzzle had already been named as Paint n' Puzzle it was a perfect fit and it stayed with her. Kynan's name was researched before he was born and as my boy was on order I had the pleasure of being able to name him. An advantage of having a good relationship with your chosen breeder! Kynan Wmffe means 'chief gentle giant' in Welsh.

Kynan is a big boofy boy; not as agile as his sister who he hero worships when she runs and jumps much faster than he can. Although his size is an advantage in their daily wrestling matches... flop and pin.

They are a joy and delight, everyday!

My interest in the gentics of colours is driving my own breeding program. Whilst the classic Maine Coon coat is much darker. My personal love is for the naughty torties. The opportunity to continue to develop the line established with the import of the Hurklecat lines from the U.K. to Australia by Jann at Tristone; is both daunting and exciting.
Registered breeder with The Feline Association of NSW Inc.

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