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   Breeder Of Quality Mini Rex Rabbits.......

We are a small rabbit stud located on the Central Coast NSW,our aim is to breed great Quality Mini Rexs for,Show,Breeding and Pet ,Mini Rex Rabbits are a small breed of rabbit,Our Mini Rex bunnies are available in a range of colours including but not limited to Blue, Black, Chocolate, Lilac, Opal, Chinchilla, Cinnamon, Caster, Fox,Otter,Orange and Fawn.I'm Studying the genetics of the Fox very closely and my aim is to try and perfect the Black Fox and Chocolate Fox.I am also concentrating on Blues and Oranges.The most easily noticed attribute of the Mini Rex is their amazing fur, which is best described as Velvet to touch.All my rabbits are very happy and have fantastic friendly personalities.Mini Rex rabbits are a very friendly breed and make wonderful pets for all ages.They have a medium level of activity and will be happy to play or just sit on your lap and be petted.No two rabbits are the same and each have there own personality.All our Mini Rex Rabbits have great lines down there pedigrees and are great quality,Hope you enjoyed our bunnies and found our site interesting and helpfull.

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About Me and Our Mini Rexs

Hi my name is Mel,

I have only recently started breeding Pedigree Mini Rexs again.I have a 5yr old daughter Katie who helps out with the bunnies,Why Mini Rexs ? My reply is simple,they have a wonderful personality and are great with all ages especially children,they love cuddles and I just adore there gorgeous velvet coats and the range of colours these little guys come in.They are easy to look after and are a small rabbit (as their name implies). We only have a small stud at the moment. My aim is to breed great quality bunnies in a range of colours (with great personalities) to cater for all types of needs (show,breeding and pets),when i breed i dont just look at the rabbit,I look at its Genes aswell,that way i have a better understanding of the colours in which that particular rabbit is carrying and from that I have a better idea of what to expect in my litters.There's always that "little one" that can pop out of no where,but it will give me a better idea of what to expect and gives me a better understanding.I never breed cranky rabbits as the chance of the kits having a cranky personality is very high,I have no resrictions on my lines and neither do my rabbits and dont beleave in putting them on because you need to know the most you can about that particular rabbit.I aim in breeding good temperament Mini Rexs and The main colours i am going to be concentrating on is the Black Fox,Chocolate Fox and Blues.Remember rabbits are a big commitment as they need food,water and exercise daily and lots of love

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