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Logan Karl
Western Australia 6076
Seven day pet grooming is located in the pleasant hills suburb of Kalamunda and caters for pets whose owners are busy people who work long hours. We groom small dogs and cats and specialise in grooming large dogs.

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Feedback from clients:
Billie | Date: 9 June 2018 11:03:56 AM

Hi Rover I had a great time the other day my owner took me to Seven Day Pet Grooming for a trim.
I thought here we go again, another bad hair day, the usual fight with the groomer and getting locked up in one of those crappy cages.

My owner had the choice of staying with me during the grooming session or going up to the Kalamunda villiage to shop and enjoy a coffee.
Kalamunda is a tourist spot and has weekend markets and that sort of thing. The other good thing about Kalamunda is it has a million big trees, incidentally Seven Day Grooming has plenty of parking and lots of big trees!

My owner said Seven Day Grooming provides different options for grooming depending on the time of the year and they make a regular booking for you followed by a telephone reminder when your appointment is due. She said their prices are very reasonable too.

My owner is very pleased with me, she said I look great and now takes me for walks although she spends too much time talking to that handsome bloke with the spoilt poodle.

I hope to catch up with you down at the park soon and let you know more about this place.
Regards, Billie

Friendly groomers, 7 day service, parking and grooming advice.

Price, 7 day service, clients can wait if they wish, care is taken.

Pets look good, client's feel good, scheduled bookings and phone reminder for booking.

We have been grooming for over 14 years..!!
We would like to thank our regular clients and staff for their loyalty in making our business so successful . We are now looking forward to the next 14 years to grow and provide excellent service for clients.

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