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Turtle Town Sydney- Turtle Breeder/Turtle Rehoming

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Baby Turtles bred by bred by licenced Turtle Breeder $100 each. Reptile licence required. Phone Shane on 0404463446

Welcome to Turtle Town Sydney
(note this is not a shop, I am a hobbyist located in the lower Blue Mountains near Sydney).

Keeping Australia freshwater turtles has become increasingly popular in recent years and these cute low maintenance pets will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. I am an experienced turtle keeper and breeder who has been involved in re-homing hundreds of unwanted turtles. I hope this website will be a useful resource for persons wishing to keep Australian native freshwater turtles, whether it be baby turtles in inside tanks or juvenile and adult turtles kept in outdoor ponds. Keeping turtles is not difficult, but you need to get things set up correctly from the start. Before you phone me to make a time to purchase a turtle, please note you will need an Animal Keepers License and for your tank to be set up. Also please take the time to look around this website, especially the FAQ page and the Turtle Care Info page because the the questions you are going to ask me are all answered there.

For your new hatchling, you will need the following:
  • Native Animal Keepers Licence ($63 for 2 years) see here
  • An aquarium of at least 3 foot (90cm) size with a floating turtle dock
  • Good quality external canister filter (not an internal type of filter)
  • Water heater with guard
  • Basking / heat lamp (an ordinary clip on bedside lamp from K-Mart will do)
  • Aquarium light with UV fluorescent tube
  • Calgrit (crushed limestone) as a substrate. You can buy that from Enfield Produce here.

For your tank set up we recommend The Reptile Shop at Narellan, ph Fred 0246 471141 or Parklea Pets at Parklea Markets, or ebay for a second hand setup. Ebay is also good for new but cheap canister filters. Note you don't need to buy a "turtle tank", just buy a fish tank and add a floating dock. For new tanks and stands only you won't buy any cheaper than MS Aquariums, 7/1 Field Close, Moorebank NSW 2170. Phone Mahendra Prasad 0405 473044.

Note: Turtles do not stay small, male Eastern Long Neck turtles can grow to 21cm, females to 26cm. Sex cannot be determined when they are hatchlings.

A note for parents: Please be sure your kids realize that a turtle is a living thing, just like us, not a toy, and it should be treated gently, with care and kindness. With any type of pet ownership comes the responsibility to look after itís need for good food and housing. Look after your pet turtle well to keep it happy and healthy.

I also sometimes have for sale juvenile and adult turtles suitable for outdoor ponds only (not tanks).

For an outdoor pond setup, in addition to the pond you will need:
  • A good pump with a good filtration system and oxygenation, possibly with an Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC)
  • A sunny position that gets shade also
  • A land area beside the pond and above the water line with sandy soil and plants that provide shade
  • Water plants in the water to provide cover (and food for short neck turtles)
  • A covered area with sand and leaf litter where they can hibernate (for long neck turtles)
  • If the pond is smooth sided, a ramp or smooth rocks placed so so they can climb out to bask
  • An enclosure with fencing about 50cm high and extending below ground 15cm or a secure yard
  • Live feeder fish
  • Try to make it as natural as possible

Whilst I am happy to share information via this website, please note Turtle Town is not a shop, nor a tourist attraction, it is my backyard hobby, ie my home, and therefore not open to the public.

Please note, I am not qualified to give veterinarian advice. Before you phone me with any questions please read the FAQ page and the Turtle Care Info page, your questions will probably be answered there. This page is also recommended reading if you are considering keeping a turtle as a pet.

For enquiries contact Shane on 0404 463446

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