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   Showing and Breeding Beautiful STANDARD POODLES for your enjoyment AND pleasure in RED, APRICOT, CREAM AND BLACK in Victoria, Australia

Show Dogs of distinction with "Style, Elegance, Character and Charm."

About Us
Shertonah Poodles is a small quality kennel located in Gembrook, Victoria, Australia. We specialize in breeding quality, conformationally and emotionally sound red standard poodles and apricot standard poodles for everyone to enjoy. So that all our dogs get the special attention they need, we only have four standard poodles living with us at any one time. Our puppies are raised inside our home, where they are socialized to all household noises and grow to be healthy, happy poodles, that fit into every family lifestyle.

We are committed to breeding out health issues, consequently, as new genetic tests become available, we test our dogs, both current and past.

Kim O'Meara of Kibran Poodles, assisted me to show "Zeus" in conformation classes. He did very well, many people stopping to stare as they were unfamiliar with his colour. Unfortunately, he never attained his Ch. title as I took him from the ring to concentrate on the rigors of motherhood. My own. It was many years before I became involved in breeding the standard poodle.

It wasnt until Zeus went to Rainbow Bridge that I entertained the idea of breeding the beautiful and unique APRICOT standard poodle. I just could not find anything in Australia that compared to Zeus and so i looked overseas. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I discovered an equally beautiful colour - the RED standard poodle.

My desire to breed and show RED and APRICOT Standard Poodles for the enjoyment of all has developed from my love of a great friend 'ZEUS'. He was very special. My breeding program is dedicated to his memory. My mission is to produce Red Standard Poodles and Apricot Standard Poodles of the highest quality, breeding for temperament, conformation, and of course colour. In order to attain this, we have incorporated the delightful Black standard poodle into our breeding program.

We are truly grateful to Aija Lehtila of "Joiner's Quality", Lotta Holmberg of "Foster's", Marita Sonnback of "Obladi" and finally Rhonda Westphal of "Elegant" poodle for entrusting us with the care of their dogs and allowing me the chance to create my dream. Without their support and trust, we would have had the wonderful results we have seen to date.

When searching for the lovely RED standard poodle I discovered there are two 'reds' - one called 'GOLDEN REDS' the other 'MAHOGANNY RED' - and in that there are a huge range of colours. The golden reds generally hold their colour quite well or if they fade it is to a lovely apricot colour. The mahoganny reds quite often fade to a dirty brown paper bag colour. Some lines are said to get darker as they get older but as there are very few lines in Australia of red standard poodles the process of breeding and outcrossing to ensure a smaller COI is a slow process. We are proud to be one of the first to import the red standard poodle into Australia and from a kennel who's foundation dog is behind many well known kennels in America.

We hope that you find as much enjoyment in our beautiful dogs as we do.

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