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Shilabo Somalis

Dale Plummer
Victoria 3342
P 03 5368 2683
M0430 647 625
   Shilabo Somali Cattery breed beautiful Somalis here in quiet Ballan, Victoria, Australia.

About Us

Here at the Shilabo Cattery we specialize in breeding the long haired Abyssinian known as the Somali. In early years, the Somali was not held in high regard, however in 1963, CCA Allbreed Judge Ken McGill was asked to judge a show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As a practical joke, Aby breeder Mary Mailing put a longhaired Aby in the cage amongst the class of Abys. Ken took out the cat, looked down to describe how the cat fit the standard, and was surprised to see the longhaired Aby in his hands. The exhibitors had a good laugh, but Ken was so taken with this beautiful cat that he asked Mary for one to breed. With this cat, Ken founded the oldest Somali line in Canada.

Here at the Shilabo Somali Cattery website you will find a host of pictures, information on studs queens and kittens currently for sale as well as a brief history on the Somali breed and several links to other helpful websites.

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