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Saddle Fitting Service
A private Saddle Fitting will show you:
  • Key areas to check your saddle for fit on your horse
  • To select a saddle that best meets you and your horse's needs
  • To recognize a poor saddle fit before it becomes debilitating
  • What a good fit feels and looks like

Ezra Gibbon completed the saddle fitting course with the Accredited Saddle Fitters of Australasia in July 2008. Ezra is level 1 ASFA accredited and the only independent saddlery with an ASFA saddle fitter in Queensland.

This course was conducted in Melbourne and included presentations and practical hands-on sessions with Dr. Ian Biddstrup, an equine vet with a Masters in Animal Chiropractic Science, and Rob McCann, a qualified saddle fitter with the Society of Master Saddlers in the UK. The course is accredited by the Australian Veterinary Chiropractic Association and included sessions on the structure and movement of the horse, conformation evaluation and faults, saddle design, saddle faults and saddle-induced problems along with practical saddle fitting and adjusting saddles for better fit.

Ezra also completed a three day course in April 2006, which included saddle fitting practical and theory by Prestige Italy's saddle fitter Roberto Rasia. A workshop by Narelle Stubbs PhD (equine back pain) B.appSc (physiotherapy) M.AnimSt (animal physiotherapy), who is a lecturer for the Postgraduate Animal Physiotherapy programme at the University of Queensland, Gatton and works with the Australian Equestrian Team as the official equine and human physiotherapist, on horse and rider anatomy and physiology. Theory and practical workshop on the hoof byDr. Tomas G Teskey D.V.M Arizona USA. Barefoot trimming, hoof dissection and the use of boots in riding.

Special Offers


• Certegy Ezi-Pay allows you to take your purchase home today while making convenient fortnightly direct debit payments.
• You nominate your bank account and we do the rest. It generally takes you only a few minutes for the entire process. And...
• Your contract has... NO INTEREST EVER!
• Why? Because the interest is paid by us the retailer, not by you!

Certegy Ezi-Pay Express is a No Interest Ever! continuing credit payment plan that allows you to purchase your saddle and all your riding gear (helmets, jackets, boots etc) from us and pay over 6,12 or 18 months via direct debit instalments from your bank account. So with saddles from under $2.85 a day, that’s less than the price of a coffee, and no interest ever, what are you waiting for? Drop us a line and you could be riding away in your new gear today!

1. Easy fortnightly repayments - No lengthy contracts to sign*
2. Small Deposit Required (see quote for details)**
3. "Take Home Lay-Buy" (For more information on Ezi-Pay Approval criteria call us on (07) 3800 6748)
(*Simple 1-page payment schedule contract only)
(**Ezi-Pay deposit is a minimum of 25% of total purchase price, refer to your quote for details)


• Certegy is a 40+ year old company providing retail services worldwide.
• Certegy operates Ezi-Pay in Australia , New Zealand and the United Kingdom .
• We process credit cards for hundreds of banks in nine countries.
• If you write a cheque, it's a good chance Certegy has guaranteed it.
• We also provide many unique payment options for retailers, banks and travel agents Australia-wide.


• If you have a full time job or are an aged pensioner, answer a few questions for the sales staff and they will complete the half page application for you.
• The application and approval process take only a few minutes and you're done.
• After approval and paying your deposit, you may take home your products and the retailer will send the application on to Certegy.
• We will send you a confirmation letter detailing the dates and amount of each direct debit.
• Make sure there is money in your account on the stated dates and be rest-assured, there is... NO INTEREST EVER... promise!


We ask that you supply the following:

• Full BSB & Account along with documentation showing proof of bank account ownership - A bank statement is fine.
• Photo Identification is required. Australian: Driver’s Licence or Age Pension Card.
• A Full-time job of 30HRs per week or more (Or: self employed with ABN)
• Required Deposit (generally 1/4 of total purchase amount @ RRP) as stated on your quote. To obtain a quote please contact us (07) 3800 6748.

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