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Beautiful, pure bred ragdolls, bred for temperament

Hello and Welcome...

My name is Elizabeth. Some years ago I heard about amazing qualities of the Ragdoll Breed. Always a cat lover, I was so taken with their temperament and loveable layback personality. As a companion cat, they are second to none.

As a consequence Silhouette Ragdoll cattery was established. Located on semi rural property on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, we are a small exclusive cattery dedicated to breeding beautiful healthy Ragdolls Cats from traditional bloodlines, true to type with the strong emphasis being on the layback temperament, size, eye colour, personality and specialising in a limited range of colours and patterns.

We set up our stud using a combination of local and imported bloodlines.

A decision was made to consistently critique the quality of our cats by competitively showing before National and International judges.

We have since built an enclosed cattery with large cat runs (for the males) and a separate landscaped play area. Our queens live in a dedicated cat room within our house and all the kittens are raised as part of the extended family.

Kittens bred at Silhouette are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, Australia. When they leave us for their new homes at about 12 weeks of age they will have received the very best in love, attention and socialization in preparation for the life ahead as a cherished companion.

Each kitten is vet checked twice prior to leaving and we offer a health guarantee against congenital defects and diseases.
They will have received two vaccinations, a micro-chip, be fully wormed and desexed.
This is included in the purchase price.

Kittens leave for their new homes with a folder containing information about the breed, their pedigree, vaccination certificate and samples of the foods they have been used to.

We are confident that this method of raising kittens reflects on their temperament and prepares them for many years of loving companionship to their prospective owners.

Breed Information

History of the breed:

Ragdolls were developed in the 1960's by Ann Baker a breeder in California. Ann wanted to develop a cat with an extraordinary personality and a wonderful disposition - the perfect house cat.

She bred Josephine, loving, gentle, non-pedigreed white domestic longhaired Persian/Angora type and had litters sired by several unknown males Birman/Burmese like cats, one of which had the Siamese point coloration, litters produced more of the same.

The breed was selectively bred over many years to other longhaired cats carrying Siamese markings and seeking desirable traits, such as large size, gentle demeanour, and a tendency to go limp when picked up, as well as the striking pointed coloration. (pointed) markings, thus creating the type standard for the Ragdoll.

Ragdolls are stunningly beautiful in appearance and have personality to match; they are loyal, very trusting and extremely friendly.


Ragdolls are easily described as a large, pointed catwith blue eyes. The Ragdoll is a slow maturing breed and may take up to 3-4 years to reach full colour and weight maturity.

Ragdoll males average 6.4-8kg, although it is not uncommon for an altered male to reach 9kg or more.
Ragdoll females are proportionately smaller usually averaging 4-6kg.

Kittens are born pure white and can take up to two weeks before accurate colour and pattern can be determined.


Ragdolls are a pointed cat meaning they have a darker colour on their ears, tail, legs, and mask with a lighter shade of the same colour to the rest of their bodies.

Traditional Ragdoll colours are Blue (slate gray) and Seal (dark brown).

Non-traditional or "new" colours are Lilac, Chocolate, Red, and Cream.

All colours can also be available with Tortie (colour mixed with splashes of red or cream) and Lynx (Tabby) markings or a combination of the two known as "Torbie".


Ragdolls come in three beautiful distinct patterns which come in all colours.


The Colourpoint Ragdoll is your basic pointed cat. Colourpoints have darker point colours on their ears, tail, legs, and mask with a lighter variation of the same colour to their body. Colourpoint Ragdolls have no white on them.


The Mitted Ragdoll has all the basics of the Colourpoint but with matching white mittens on the front feet and white boots extending about mid-thigh on the back legs.

The Mitted Ragdoll also has a white chin and chest with a white strip of varying widths running down the belly and lower abdomen. Mitteds may also have a blaze of white on their forehead and/or nose.


The Bicolour Ragdoll is the flashiest of the three patterns. Bicolour meaning two colours have darker points to their ears, tail, and mask with their backs displaying a "saddle" with a lighter variation of the same colour.

The Bicolour has an inverted white "V" of varying heights and widths inside of the mask on their face. Their chins, chest, front and back legs, and belly are mostly or all white.


The Ragdoll coat is medium to long in length and is soft, silky, and almost bunny-like in texture. Their coat is low shedding, almost non-matting, and very easily maintained.

It is recommended to comb your Ragdoll at least once a week, with an increase to at least twice a week during the shedding seasons (1-2 weeks during spring and autumn).

You also should practice regular nail trimming from the time your kitten is very young. At least twice a month is recommended. Although Ragdolls are not destructive cats and prefer to use a scratching post this will help prevent any undesirable accidental clawing incidents.

Temperament and Characteristics:

One of the biggest reasons the Ragdoll has become so well known is for its relaxed and easy going temperament.

Ragdolls are a trusting and loving cat. They are highly domesticated and many do not possess the "fight" instinct nor do they use their claws for self defence.

For these reasons the Ragdoll must be a strictly indoor cat! The relaxed, trusting nature of the cat is also why a lot of Ragdolls posses the ability to go limp or floppy when picked up. They lie relaxed and almost motionless in your arms like a child's rag-doll, hence their name.

Ragdolls can also be very dog like giving them the nickname of Puppy-Cats. Their loyalty to you will find them waiting at the door for you to return home.

They will follow you from room to room and insist on "helping" you with all of your tasks.

Although the temperaments and characteristics described are true to the Ragdoll breed in general each Ragdoll is a unique individual and will develop their own blend of some or many of the characteristics described.

Our Boys

DOB: 18/12/2009
Colour: Seal Bicolour

Sire: GldDbl Gd Ch Ragwells Mr Scooter
Dam: XOXO Sensational Kisses (Reserve kitten of the year 2008)

Ashiko has excelled on the show bench over the past two years. In 2012, his first year on the bench he obtained Gold Champion and was awarded Reserve Group 1 Cat of the Year. He won Best of Breed in all three rings at the ACF Nationals and 3rd. 3rd and 10th Best in Show from over 80 cats. In 2013 he won Best of Breed at the CCCA Nationals under all the international judges. He was awarded 3rd, 4th and 5th Best Group I Entire. He won Best of Breed at Melbourne Royal and Best and Reserve Group 1. We have decided to retire him form the Show bench for 2014 and have kept several of his kittens for futuire breeding. As a stud male his temprement is exceptional.

DOB: 27/02/2012
Colour: Seal Point (carrying blue and chocolate)

Sire: Beah Weekend Hustler
Dam: Gd Ch Kiwimagic Must be an Angel

A lovely big boy weighing 8.5 kg at 2 years. He has retained his playful, cheeky ways. Hustler obtained his Gold Champion status is his first year on the show bench. He was the highest scoring Entire Ragdoll for 2013 and awarded 3rd Best Group 1 Cat of the Year.

DOB: 4/2/2002
Colour: Blue Mitted

Sire: Krickelins Nordman (Sweden)
Dam: Ritzyrags Saralee (Imp USA)

Syd has been retired, we have retained his son "Prince Charming" as a stud. He has a lifetime bed here at Silhouette as a companion.

DOB: 11/12/2007
Colour: Seal Bicolour (High mitted)

Sire: Apache Lord Taloose
Dam: Beah Cinderella Bell

We were fortunate to aquire one of Syd's sons to replace him as a stud male. He has the same fabulous layback temperament. He has the same broad head and better eye colour

DOB: 07/09/2014
Colour: Blue bi-colour (carrying chocolate)

Sire: Gold Ch XOXO Ashiko Hugs
Dam: Gd Ch Kiwimagic Must be an Angel

This magnificent, bold boy has exceeded our every expectation and excelled on the show bench since winning his first Judges choice award from Chris Lowe (NZCF) at 12 weeks of age. He is 6.7kg at 12 months with super boning and length of body. Phantom has the true layback Ragdoll personality and in June 2015 travelled to Perth for the Kitten class at the ACF nationals, awarded Best of Breed and Top 10 in four rings. Phantom made his adult debut at the CCCA nationals in Sydney in July placing Best of Breed in four rings and 5th, 8th, 8th, and 8th in Group. He will be mated to Stolen Kisses towards the end of 2015.

DOB: 22/3/2012
Colour: Blue Point

We were thrilled to welcome TC to the Silhouette family. Thank you Dee for trusting us with this super boy. TC is the complete package, amazing size, type, eye colour and a perfect temperament to complement our girls. We look forward to obtaining his Victorian titles to add to his long list of awards. Limited breeder kittens available from early 2016.

Our Girls

Fairie (Silver Ch GdCh Silhouette of a Fairietayle)
DOB: 16/03/2013
Colour: Seal Bicolour carrying blue

Sire: Gold Ch XOXO Ashiko Hugs
Dam: Ch Beah First Edition

Fairie is an absolute sweetheart, always seeking our company and wanting to be loved. Fairie loves the show bench, she gained her Silver Champion title early in 2015 and now well on the way to Gold. We are hopefully expecting a litter to our beautiful boy ACF AOE XOXO Touch of Class . Limited breeders will be available.

Possum (GdCh Silhouette of a Lucky Possum)
DOB: 25/08/2013
Colour: blue point

Possum is pure personality. Possum was hand reared from 5 days old as the only kitten in the litter. It was a tough start until Perlina took her in at 4 weeks old with her own new born litter. Possum cativated everyones heart and is a perfect ambassador for the ragdoll breed. She is bold and playfully naughty. Possum won Best Ragdoll kitten and Reserve Group 1 kitten at her first show (kitten and neuter) then awarded the 2014 Best Ragdoll Kitten overall from the Birman and Ragdoll Club. We eagerly await her next litter of kittens to Ashiko.

Flossie (Ch Tambourah Sugar Floss)
DOB: 6/11/2013
Colour: Blue point

Sire: Mewsings Spanish Eyes
Dam: Tambourah Serene Skeetita

Flossie comes to us from WA and adds to our breeding program with well defined, dense point colour and a bright white coat. She has a lovely broad head and a super long body and tail. She can be shy until she gets to know you, but achieved an ACF award of excellence at her very first show and a judges choice award from Tony Hurry CATS NSW at her 2nd. We eagerly await her first kittens with Ashiko this season.

Berry (Beah Blueberrys n Cream)
DOB: 10/03/2013
Colour: Blue Tortie Tabby Bicolour

Sire: Beah Mystery Man
Dam: Beah Zaffaire

Berry has come to us as mature female from Beah Ragdolls. She has the sweetest disposition, always looking for our company and settled into her new home without fuss. Berry has the deepest blue eyes we have seen pass through to her first litter with Prince Charming. Her kittens were just as bold and affectionate. She will be mated with our handsome TC for her next litter.


Doll (Silhouette of a Dreamtime Doll)
DOB: 13/10/2014
Colour: Blue mitted

Sire: XOXO Ashiko Hugs
Dam: Kiwimagic Pacific Dream (Imp NZ)

Doll brings together well known Australian, European and NZ lines. She is a large girl with excellent boning and has inherited her mothers chatty, look at me personality. Dolls outgoing nature helped her win Best Group 1 kitten at her first outing to the Melbourne Pet and Animal Expo 2015. She will be mated to Prince Charming late in the season.

Little Miss Naughty (Silhouette Once in a Blue Moon)
DOB: 4/12/2014
Colour: Blue point

Sire: Apache Lord Taloose
Dam: Beah First Edition

Little Miss Naughty made her show debut at the recent CCCA Nationals in Sydney and lived up to her reputation by undoing the ties and almost escaping from the cage during judging. She loved playing up to the judges and crowd. We were thrilled to obtain Best of Breed in 2 rings and a Reserve best Group 1 kitten under Louis Coste (Fife).

For more information contact Elizabeth Buckley
Ph: 03 9719 7680
Mobile: 0413 200 687

For all available kitten please see our Facebook Page

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