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Welcome to Simply Catz

Hi, we are Chris and Terry Reed the proud owners of Simply Catz in Jensen ,Townsville, Queensland.

Simply Catz was established in 2006 after looking at buying an existing cattery and then deciding to build on our own twenty acre property with a new concept in cat boarding in the Townsville area.

We had several years experience in Victoria building and running our own boarding kennels and had intended to retire in Townsville but missed the animals and the lovely people who care about their pets.

Our business is all about the care and comfort of each individual cat as they are all different with each having their own unique personality.

Accommodation and Meals

There are two levels of accommodation, the first being large condos with a window seat and a view of the gardens The second type of accommodation are large portable cages, which are used mainly in holiday times or when requested by the clients, these are three tiered and very suitable for active cats.

At Simply Catz we believe that when you holiday you only eat the best, why should your cat be any different. We feed Royal Canin biscuits as a morning meal , so the guests can graze at leisure this comes in several varieties to suit the age and type of cat.

The evening meal is varied and we do try to feed the same or similar to what each guest is used to at home. Properly formulated cat mince, raw fish {when we can get it}, Whiskas and Fancy Feast are just a few of the varieties we feed. Kittens are also given lactose free cat milk. Our litter is pelleted sawdust which is made in Australia, non dusty and doesn't stay in long coats.

Vaccinations and Flea Treatments

We require proof of current vaccination at the commencement of each stay,this must be done at least two weeks prior to visit for the vaccination to take effect. THIS IS MANDATORY.


We also require that each cat has a flea treatment prior to each visit. We recommend either Revolution or Advocate as these have the added advantage of treating ear mites which are very hard to detect. We can provide this service at an extremely competitive price.

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Simply Catz