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A98 Showground Road
New South Wales 2250
P 02 4339 2071
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Squawks - We stock a great range of birds, fish, cats, dogs and small pets.
Professional Grooming & DIY Dog Wash.

Squawks Pet Store

Squawks is your go to pet store for a great range of pets, fresh and dry foods, enclosures and bedding, together with all the accessories to keep your pets healthy and happy. We have an extensive variety of birds, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and mice.
Squawks works hand in hand with Claws and Paws to rehome rescue cats and dogs. Giving a wonderful pet the opportunity of a new start in life is important part of the Squawks brand.
Customer service is our best asset. We have staff with years of experience in  the pet industry and animal care, and offer professional grooming by appointment.
Squawks, in partnership with Response Services, provides work and pet store, retail experience and training for people with disabilities. Service users have the opportunity to build skills and confidence through taking part in a wide range of activities in store.

About Us

Pets are family! Why not treat them with a new toy or lead to show them a little more love!
Response Services is proud to announce it has a partnering agreement with Squawks to provide work experience and
training opportunities for people with disability in the store.
Service Users will have opportunities to build skills and confidence through a wide range of activities occurring in the store
on a daily basis. They include Customer Service Skills, Animal Handling Skills, Marketing and IT Skills and Maintenance
We are open 7 days a week in Gosford, and can cater to most requests. If you have a curly one that you need answering,
send it my way.

Squawks Boarding Services


Small Birds - Finches - Canaries - Budgies - Lovebirds

$5.00 per day for a single bird - additional bird in same cage $2.50

Medium Birds - Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Ringnecks

$8.00 per day for a single bird - additional bird in same cage $4.00


10.00 per day for a single bird - additional bird in the same cage $5.00.

Large Bird - Alexandrines, Galahs Cockatoos

$10.00 per for a single bird - additional bird in the same cage $5.00

Large Birds (with special diets) - Eclectus, Amazons, Macaw

$14.00 per for each bird.

Rabbits - Guinea Pigs - Rats - Mice 


$8.00 per day for a single rabbit - additional rabbit in the same cage $4.00

Guinea Pigs

$6.00 per day for a single guinea pig - additional guinea pigs in same cage $3.00.

Rats / Mice -  OWN CAGE TO BE SUPPLIED (otherwise $10.00 fee per week will apply)

$3.00 per for a single rat/mice in a cage - additional rat/mice $1.00 each rat/mice.

PLEASE NOTE: Drop  off Day and Pick up day is inclusive of boarding price.
Eg: Drop off Friday, pick up Monday = 4 days boarding.

For any extra care such as added supplements, hand feeding or medications a daily fee of $5 will occur.

What you need to bring.

  • If on a special diet - your animal's food.
  • Any special toys/ Hutch items you would like to provide to make your animal feel like at home.  


DIY Dog Wash

Squawks has installed a professional DIY Dog Washing unit. For the cost of $10 customers are able to give their dog a warm shower bath, followed by a blow dry.
The wash includes shampoo, conditioner and flea and tick control.
10 minutes of dog wash heaven in K900 Dog Wash for only $10 includes:

  • Shampoo
  • Rinse
  • Condition
  • Flea & Tick Rinse
  • Blow Dry.

Please bring your own towels.

Professional Dog Grooming

Professional Grooming from $55 - Your 5th visit will be half price. Deluxe Wash and Blow Dry from $25. Call us to make an appointment.

Squawks now has 2 professional groomers employed at the store.

You are able to call and book your dog in for a full, partial or specific grooming style.  At the same time you can take advantage of our DIY dog wash facility or you can request our staff to do this for you.

We also offer a dog nail clipping service for only $10.

Call our friendly staff at any time to book in your best friend for a professional grooming and beat the summer heat.

For all enquiries contact us today!

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