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St Luke Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

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Here at St Luke we breed all 4 colours, Blenheim, Ruby, Black & Tan and Tricolour.

All our puppies are raised with love in our family room and come to their new families with wonderful outgoing temperaments. St. Luke Cavalier King Charles Spaniels guarantees each puppy in writing and we are happy to support all new owners for as long as needed.


About Us

After being raised by my Grandparents who were not at all interested in me having animals, I took the opportunity when I left home, to bring many and varied pets into my life.

When my son was born I was determined that he shouldn't miss out on the wonderful bond that is formed when raising an animal. During his life at home with me we had from Canaries to St Bernards... with a lot in between.

Guinea pigs and so many beautiful littlies were owned and raised in our life together.

Well some years later my sister was given a beautiful Tricolour girl and the 'love affair' for me began.

Since then I have become obsessed by the stunning little companions who completely fill my life. I have given up all of my hobbies and settled back to see just how far I can go with improving the health and soundness of our Cavaliers.

I have been very fortunate to have started with very average looking Cav's but also Cavaliers that were extremely sound and healthy. Well it is now obvious that beauty is a major part of the blood lines I now breed.

The essence of breeding is about continually improving and this is something that I can definitely say I have done and will continue to do.


Sarah Farmer 2013-07-28

Toby, a Ruby Cavalier, came to me on 9/11/11 aged about 4 months. It was good that he was a bit older than most pups as he was already toilet trained so I didn't have a hard time getting him to go outside.

Getting Toby was the best thing I have ever done and he is the perfect dog for me.

Chez and I talked often in the first few weels as this was my first time with a Cavalier and sometimes I needed advice.

We met another Ruby in the park when Toby was about 6 months old. The owner couldn't believe how outgoing and friendly Toby was as his dog was around the same age but shied away from strangers and other dogs. Toby couldn't understand why he didn't want to play.

Toby became well known in the park for pulling new puppies out of their shyness with other puppies and he has brought such joy from their owners and mine.

He also loves it when toddlers come running to say hello and just sits there while they stroke him. The squeals of delight from the kiddies are so nice to hear, as he occasionally flicks his tongue over their little fingers.

He is a real little little smile maker still and I fully recommend a St Luke puppy.

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