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   Biomagnetic Therapy is a non-invasive method of assisting with health problems and injury management.

The power of the magnet is one of the most basic powers in nature.

When a magnet is applied to the human body, you are able to encourage the normal functional relationship within the molecular structure of each cell as natural magnetic fields pass through the tissue which is defined as the term "BIO-MAGNETICS".

BIO- meaning, combining form life or living organisms (eg biology), and MAGNETIC meaning; of or pertaining to a magnet or magnetism.

Rare Earth magnets (Neodymium) give deeper penetration through cellular tissue and is the most powerful magnetic ore available. Many magnetic companies put ferrite magnets into their products. This is a weaker magnet than the Rare Earth magnets. It has also been suggested that wool on underlays would hinder full biomagnetic benefits from the magnets.

All sunshine health magnetic products are designed based on up to date research and understanding of bio-magnetic therapy. We use the latest technology and our products are the strongest therapeutic magnets available.

All sunshine health magnetic products are manufactured in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia.

You have nothing to loose but your pain!

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