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   Superdog Behaviour and Training is your one stop shop for all training and behavioural needs.

About Us
Superdog Behaviour and Training is your one stop shop for all training and behavioural needs.

We train all breeds and address all 'problem behaviours'.

From puppy socialisation to general obedience - even trick-training we can help you acheive your goals for your canine companion.

With many years experience helping people and their family companions as well as shelter animals who've had a rough start, we've never met a dog we couldn't help.

We use modern, humane methods and equip you with the learning to develop a great relationship with your dog!

Our training philosophy

Both the science and practice of dog training has progressed over the years. We use modern training techniques and set dogs up to succeed.

Ever had a job where the boss just focuses on what you've done wrong rather than clearly show you what to do and celebrate your successes?

We prefer to see a dog comply with a command because they want to - not because they're too scared not to. With the right approach for your dog real learning takes place and training is fun for all involved.

Puppy Socialization

This is where your dog's 'personality' is formed. It's critical that your puppy is properly socialised before 16 weeks of age.

Many dogs develop behavioural issues because they missed out on this socialisation either through their fmailies not knowing better or mis-undertsanding the vets's pre-vaccination instructions.

We can help you develop a relaxed, balanced, happy puppy and these traits will be carried into maturity. But it needs to start as soon as you get your puppy

Behavioural Problem Solving

Problem behaviours developing?
  • reactive to other dogs
  • jumping
  • barking
  • pulling on lead
  • digging
  • anxious when you leave
  • nipping biting
  • toileting in the house
  • boistrousness

We can help contact us today to discuss in detail

In Home Obedience

Learn how to successfully apply the standards in obedience:
  • recall
  • sit
  • sit stay
  • drop
  • drop stay
  • heel
  • stand
  • loose lead walking
  • leave

Trick Training

So your dog knows the basics and you Want to do some clever stuff?
  • Open and close door
  • Turn on light switches
  • Grab the remote
  • Bring in the paper
  • Role over
  • Shake / Hi 5
  • Commando role
  • And more...
  • look

Introducing a Dog to a new home

First impressions make a big difference. Bringing a new dog straight into the home with another dog needs to be done the right way.

We can also advise on the right dog for your home.

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