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"...because we know all dogs are different"

Specialising In

Basic obedience | Intermediate | Advanced | Socialisation
Personal Protection | Detector Dog Training (narcotics)

Servicing Alexandria, Matraville, Botany, Coogee, Randwick, Clovelly, Bondi, Woollahra

Our trainer Halim Tjiong

Has been training with Karen Abbot the Director of All Breeds Dog Training SA since 2007. Halim graduated in dog obedience training, personal protection training, detector dog training and behaviour modification.

With his broad knowledge of dog training it is great to have a professional who is also registered with, and is a member of the National Dog Trainers Federation.

If your head has nodded to any of these questions, dog training can help. Wouldnít you prefer a dog
  • thatís calm, obedient and one
  • that you can trust in any circumstance?
  • Train your dog, so you are in control.
  • Has your dog been ever kicked out of a dog school?
  • Too aggressive, barks too much?
  • Come to Sydney All Breeds Dog Training and see first hand.

We have structured our training system into a course format. You decide what level of training you would like to achieve with your dog, then select the course which most suits your requirements. We understand that all dogs are different, this is why none of our courses have time limits. Your dog will be trained until it completes the level of his course...
and remember you pay for results - not the number of lessons!


Once your dog has passed itís course there is then a yearly membership fee, which entitles you to attend any of our clubs as often as you like to maintain his standard of training.

All Breeds Dog Training and Obedience in Sydney can fix the following:
  • Does your dog pull on the lead?
  • Do you have to drag him along?
  • Does he show aggression towards other dogs or people?
  • Is he very excitable?
  • Bark a lot?
  • Jumps on you or visitors?
  • Bolts out the gate or door as soon as itís opened?
  • Prefers to play with other dogs rather than come to you?

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