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The Cats' Retreat

A1236 Stumpy Gully Road
Victoria 3931
P 03 5978 8666
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   For discerning cats with caring owners

The Cats' Retreat

For discerning cats with caring owners

The cattery was built by Nick in accordance with the Code of Practice for Animal Boarding Establishments.

We believe that there is a fine line between a cat feeling secure and a cat feeling insecure in his/her environment, and therefore we constructed our units to suit the most timid to the most outgoing cat.

Each unit contains two levels for sleeping or just “watching the world go by”. There is access to their own external area via a sliding door in a glass wall.

The whole cattery is surrounded by outside areas for gentle stretching exercises or a brisk sprint up and down to get the circulation going. The play gym is a little more adventurous with a high tunnel and relaxing area for a quick snooze if the exertion is just a little too strenuous. The inside lounge gives the choice of just loafing around, playing with toys, climbing the scratch pole or just looking outside. There is always something to see – an alpaca gently roaming and nibbling grass, birds cheekily teasing the cats from without, someone walking past.

Inside the cattery, there is an air of peaceful energy. Music plays but there is no television. Outside, the surrounds are relaxing.

TLC and constant “maid service” are the norm. Even the most timid cat gradually relaxes and whilst, of course, still preferring to be in their own home, copes during their stay with relative ease.

We have a small isolation block of four units available should one of our guests develop a sniffle.

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