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Tambuzi Basenjis, Victoria, Australia is a kennel devoted to this ancient dog breed. Browse through information about my Basenjis, health information, the history of the primitive Basenji, stud dogs, breeding plans, links and resources.

About Me

I was born in England and was brought up in the small village of Toot Baldon (53 households and 136 residents as of the 2001 census) The first church was consecrated in the village in 787 but a settlement would have been on the site for many hundreds of years prior to that. There is evidence of a Roman kiln a few miles away and as kids we often found broken bits of Roman pottery. A Roman road passed by the end of our back garden.


The basenji is an ancient breed that has evolved through 'survival of the fittest'. Generally it is a 'hardy' breed. However, Basenjis do suffer from health problems including:
Fanconi Syndrome
Eye Defects including; PPM, PRA, Coloboma
Hip Dysplasia
Thyroid Issues
Immunoproliferative small intestinal disease (IPSID)
Haemolytic Anaemia (HA)
Hernias; Umbilical and Inguinal
Pancreatic Enzyme Deficiency
Most 'western born' Basenjis go back to a very small gene pool and it is likely that these issues have been concentrated into the gene pool by many repetitions of these 'original dogs' in modern day pedigrees. It would have been wonderful to have had the tools available to breeders today; DNA testing etc back when these original dogs were exported from the Congo region.

As time rolls on veterinary surgeons are constantly discovering more tests or refining existing tests available for various health issues. Testing breeding stock is imperative to ensure that these health issues are controlled and where possible eliminated from the breed.


As a trained dog training instructor (1 week full time and 12 months part time courses during which I personally assisted with the handling and training of over 250 dogs, many with dominance or fear related aggression problems) I have gathered a good knowledge of canine development and psychology.

My socialisation program commences prior to the puppies birth. Then from the day the puppies are born they are cared for, nurtured and socialised in a positive in-home environment. Socialisation must continue after the puppy has left my care; continued socialisation is a must for the development of a sound tempered dog able to cope with any situation presented to him/her in the future. Refer to the socialising menu button above for more information. Further information on training and socialisation of puppies bred by me is offered to my puppy buyers and I am always available to answer any questions that may arise during the puppies life. It is crucial to get training and socialisation right to start with, crucial that puppy owners do not implant bad behaviour in the pup when they think they have done the right thing. The first 14-16 weeks are critical in the behavioural development of your puppy.

The Basenji's adaptive intelligence and strong will have often labeled him "impossible" to train but the use of operant learning principles can be applied very successfully to Basenjis. I suggest at least 12 months spent at a recognised training school and applying what you learn to your everyday lifestyle. The result will be a Basenji who will mingle into most situations with minimal fuss and embarrassment!

Attending a professional training school will give you the knowledge to continue the training at home, a few minutes a day is all that's required. A training school that offers puppy classes from 8-10 weeks, a full socialisation class and of course obedience training is essential. Obedience training does not need to revolve around training for competition, there are clubs that train for lifestyle have a hands on approach and will conduct one on one sessions where required. Take care when selecting an organisation, perhaps visit the club and talk to trainers and customers about the classes and facilities.
If you want a dog that exhibits socially acceptable behaviour then seek professional training advice.

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