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I was born and bred in Dunedin Sth Island New Zealand. My first time in the ring was as a child handler at The Otago Cocker Spaniel Club, which I won. I have always loved dogs and my first dog was an Irish Water Spaniel. When I married I went to live in Taupo Nth Island NZ. where I joined the Taupo Obedience Club and competed in Obedience until my marriage came to an end and with 4 young children dogs went by the board. In time I remarried and started to go to shows with a friend and her St Bernards. When my husband and I moved to Australia to live I decided I would like to get back in the ring, but due to my husbands illness was not to be. He died in 1993 and a friend took me with her to a dog show and I went to watch the Aussies and met a lovely Lady Helen Rowney who had a litter due and I put my name down for a show bitch, "Redgundi Sara Lee" came into my life and I have been showing and breeding the Aussies ever since. My only regret is it took so long to get this wonderful breed.

I have had success in the ring and have titled 40 Champions 31 HOMEBRED. 7 of these have been owned and shown by other owners. I am proud of the quality and the temperaments of the dogs I breed.

I have also Titled an Irish Water Spaniel and more recently My "Glen Of Imaal Terrier" Aus/NZ Ch Chas Astri Mi Astri who enjoys playing and hooning with the Aussies.


Proudly Australian the breed evolved from a variety of British Terriers brought out by the early settlers. Specifically bred for Australain conditions this hard-bitten tough little terrier was used for everthing from guarding homes & farms to hunting from tending the sheep and cattle to killing rats and snakes.

The Aussie is still a working terrier but endear themselves to all they come in contact with and make a desirable companion dog.

The Aussie is equally suited to town or country living, the Australian terrier is noted for their loyalty, intelligence and even disposition. They are neither highly strung or a persistent barker, but with their inbuilt spirit, courage, and air of self assurance, happily assumes the role of protector of home and household. Sturdy with a harsh easy-to-care for coat, and a history of longevity, finds favour as both indoor and outdoor companion. Affectionate and well-mannered this spunky little dog tends to develop it's own amusing amd endearing characteristics to delight the family. The Aussie is a good companion for the all ages from babys to 80 year old's

Average Lifespan, Size and Weight
Lifespan is 12 -15 years or longer ------ Height at shoulder 25cm (approx 10in) -------Weight is 6.5 kilos (14 lbs) the Aussie is longer than high and comes in two colours Blue & Tan or Sandy to Red.

Care Requirements
A low set, sturdy, rough-coated dog. Extremely well adapted for Australia's changing climates and protected by a double coat -- a soft undercoat with a weather resistant harsher top coat which grows to a length of 6.5 cm (2 1/2 inches). In maturity both sexes have a ruff framing the head at the neck which then extends into an apron covering the chest. It has a soft silky topknot of lighter colour to main body coat. Brush their coat a couple of times a week as the brushing stimulates the natural oils in their coat giving them a high gloss. Bathe only when necessary, the longer between baths the better. NEVER use conditioner on your Aussies coat as it softens it!! Minimum exercise is needed, but they will enjoy a daily walk or free roam in a fenced yard. They are easy to train and will do anything to please you.

The Aussie adapts well to other pets (cats & dogs) but they are a hunting/sporting terrier and small animals like guinea pigs/rabbits could be a problem.

The Aussie is one of the most fun dogs to own but if allowed will be the boss so care must be taken to ensure the two-legged family are the boss! and you will have the most wonderful companion in your life.


From the NZKC breed standard

History - The Glen of Imaal Terrier is an Irish dog of unknown origins, It is named for the Glen Of Imaal, i County Wicklow, Ireland. The Glen was first presented publicly at an Irish dog show in 1933. Like many similarly built low-to-the-ground, powerful terriers, he was bred to hunt and kill animals living in the ground, such as foxes and badgers. The dogwould go onto the animals den to drag it out. Glen Of Imaal Terriers were even pitted in timed trials against live badgers to test their gamenessuntil such events were banned. Unlike Lakeland Terriers and Fox Terriers, the Glen Of Imaal is supposed to work silently. It may also have been used for dog fighting entertainment and to turn spits cooking meats over a fire by trotting on a treadmill for hours at a time. This spunky little terrier serves mostly as a companion dog today, but he can still catch vermin.

Temperament - The Glen Of Imaal is a spirited and cocky little dog. Tough and game when hunting, otherwise mild-mannered and calm indoors. They are intelligent, but also late bloomers. Very brave, stubborn and rambunctious. It is patient, loyal, peaceful and gentle with the family. These excessivly devoted dogs like to be near their owners and make fine family pets. They are playful and excellent with children. These dogs will bark if they detect danger but will rarely bark without reason. They respond well to obedience training and can be taught to retrieve. Glens are keen to learn, but they sometimes try to dominate and can be stubborn.

Upkeep - The Glen must have daily exercise. It will do much to exercise itself given the room, but it profits froma good walk on leash. a vigorous play session or an off-lead outing in a safe area. This breed can live outdoorsin a temperate to warm climate, but it does better as an indoor dog with access to a secure yard. The Glen is easy to groom =, but it does require stripping twice a year. Cut under the tail with scissors as needed. The hair in the ears should be plucked out regularly and the hair between the pads of the feet should be removed. Show dogs require a lot more grooming. The breed shed little to no hair.

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