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The Bounding Hound School 4 Dogs

Shan Lloyd
Queensland 4069
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The Bounding Hound provides a range of affordable dog training services and behavoural advice for you and your dog or puppy. Trainer Dr Shan Lloyd is a qualified dog trainer and behaviouralist and has been training dogs for over 20 years. Shan has her Cert III in Canine Training and Behaviour and has been a lecturer in the School of Veterinary Sciences at The University of Queensland teaching Canine Behaviour and other aspects of Veterinary Science for many years.

"Dog ownership can be loads of fun but unwanted behaviours or untrained, unruly dogs can be a real handful and detract from the joys of pet ownership"

The Bounding Hound specialises in training dogs and assisting their owners get the most from them. We focus on improving your pet's behaviour through basic dog training, behaviour modification and fun activities. There is a strong focus on teaching owners about normal canine behaviour and how to modify it. We can assist you in eliminating problem behaviours should they develop.
  • Private dog training sessions
  • Behavioural consultations
  • Pre-pet purchase consultations

all held at a time and place which is convenient to you or
  • Training classes held on Sunday mornings at Pullenvale

Include a fun mix of obedience, agility and trick training and teach you how to teach your dog!

About Us
Dr Shan Lloyd holds a Certificate III in Canine Behaviour and Training and has a PhD in Veterinary Science. She has been a lecturer at the School of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Queensland for several years. Her interest in dog training started in her early teens with training her family dog, a doberman. For many years Shan has owned, shown and trained borzois, dogs which belong to the sight hound family and are notoriously difficult for training. She is one of few people who have competed with borzoi successfully in obedience competitions. She is currently training her border collies but loves all dogs and undertakes university research in the human/canine bond.

"We use a variety of dog training methods depending on your requirements, the breed, age and nature of the dog and any problems he/she may have. These methods are rewards based and welfare orientated. We will teach you to understand normal doggy behaviour and how to modify those behaviours which are unwanted in order for you to get the most from your dog.

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