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The Cat Castle

A53 Freshwater Road
Northern Territory 810
P 08 8985 5474
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   We Leave a part of our souls in our cats

About Us
We at the cat castle are passionate about cats. We understand how much you love your pets and try to make the place as comfortable as possible for your precious felines.

The boarding facility is situated in a tranquil landscape that spans 5 acres. The cattery is just a 10 minute drive away from the city making it easy to access. These two features make it perfect for both the owner and the cats alike. Feel free to go through our website and check out all the special facilities that we provide.


The Cat Castle is set on five acres of tranquil landscape, 10 minutes from the city. It has been designed for the tropics with excellent air flow. We are strict about Hygiene so your cats can expect a clean environment. We do not board dogs though we do have one of our own. A cats first stay with us is sometimes more worrying to the owner than the cat. An old towel or t-shirt with home smells helps settle them down.

The cattery is divided into two seperate areas for the cats with the booking area in between. The building was constructed in early 2000 in accordance with the cyclone code. Both accomodation areas are of similar design with two rolla doors at the front and rear. These openings have a steel mesh covering which allows the cats a view of the outdoors while keeping them secure inside.

The overall design is basic and easy to clean which makes it easy to maintain. The cattery looks out on to the tropical garden. Birds fly in quite close to the cattery and this leads to a bit of excitement among the feline boarders. Most cats have never seen a horse and the first time they set eyes on these creatures, their eyes can go the size of a 20 cent piece.

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