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The Dog's Bath

A42 Wingara Avenue
Keilor East
Victoria 3033
M0499 046 945
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The Dog’s bath welcomes new customers and is looking forward to seeing familiar faces in the near future.

Phone 03 9331 7174 to enquire.

A Bit about the Dog’s Bath.

History; Established September 1995 in Buckley street Essendon. 3 years after that we moved the business to larger premises at Ronald Grove east Keilor.

We are now located at 42 Wingara Avenue East Keilor. Through these moves the business has developed and matured into a now thriving little shop with many customers.

Many of these customers have moved with me and have proved very loyal over the last 16 years for which I am grateful.

The service the Dog’s Bath offers has always been simple and uncomplicated. Dogs get washed and dried. Dogs get a haircut, washed and dried. You can also come in and wash the dog yourself using the same equipment we use!(washing and drying only)

During the week, most dogs are ready to go home within the hour. Saturdays are a little different as we get all the dogs in at 9am then they all go home around 12.30 – 1pm

The dog’s Bath sees many different breeds of dogs come through the doors with the little white fluffy dog being most popular, however the ‘oodle’ variety of dogs is fast catching up!

My prices start at $40-00 for a wash and dry for a small dog. ( Jack Russell, Maltese, Pommeranian, Toy poodle, westie, Min schnauzer etc.)

As the dogs get larger the price increases.

The haircuts, (grooming and clipping) start at $60-00 for a small dog which includes a discount wash and dry.

These prices vary depending on the condition of the dog.

Large dog prices start from $80-00 for a haircut and wash.

Sometimes on busy days, I may need to keep the dog for a little longer, but I will do my best to let customers know before hand.

I can clip Mini Schnauzers, poodles, westies, scotties etc to get them looking like they should, however we can clip dogs short all over, no style, which is most often the most practical. We see unusual requests with breeds not generally clipped requesting to be clipped and we are happy to oblige.

I will try and work with the customers to get the dog looking the way they would like. However some requests are not possible due to the condition of the coat.

I also reserve the right to refuse a dog into the premises if it is aggressive to other dogs and customers. I would urge customers to tell me if they think there dogs may be problematic, then at least we can take measures to prevent any nasty incidents from occurring.

Dogs must ALWAYS BE ON LEAD before entering into the store. If you do not have one, we provide leads that you may borrow to get the dog from the car.

Bookings are essential and I urge customers to book from appointment to appointment to avoid missing out. Also I encourage people to book 3 months ahead for Christmas as I get EXTREMELY busy.

Most casual bookings are able to be booked within a week.

Discounts are available for pensioners and customers with more than one dog being washed/ groomed.

We are located in a busy little shopping square in east Keilor called Centreway. There are many café’s and takeaway food shops within walking distance as well as a post office and newsagent. There is also a small supermarket and bottle shop. Hair dressers are also aplenty here.

It is accessible from Milleara road and is close to the ring road and Calder freeway.

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