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The Horse Workshop

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Training, Transport, Massage, Pony Parties, riding lessons, Equine Facilitated Learning

Welcome to the Horse WorkShop

We offer the following;

  • Horse breaking (We prefer to call it training and
  • re-training, as we like to work with the horse and not against it).
  • Pony hire for birthday parties, fetes, any occassions for pony rides or pony and jinker rides.
  • Equine Transport throughout Victoria
  • Equine Massage
  • On occasions we have Horses and Ponies for sale
The Horse WorkShop provides a number of services, such as Training,Transport, Equine masssage, Pony parties. We have lovely quiet ponies which are handled by our children at home. They venture out with the children to the beach, on rail trails, Pony Club, horse shows and many other places. These ponies are familliar with many different surroundings which make them ideal for pony parties and they also like the attention they receive when they are on the job.

The HWS love spending time with the equine family and the challenges they may bring. Training is not a chore but a passion. Here at the HWS we offer to train and re-train your equine friend, we call it train and not break as we like to work with the horse gaining trust and respect, thus giving confidence in the horse. The HWS will work with your horse and its capabilities, not against it.

We have a 24 hour transport service throughout Victoria for those who need transportation for their horse or pony.

We also know that horses suffer from muscle soreness. It may be a horse just starting back in work to a horse in top competition either way muscles may become stiff, torn or just plain tired, some could be injury related. This is why the HWS is a strong believer in equine massage and have a qualified massuer available. Massage helps your equine friend, promoting good health and wellbeing.

About Us

We are a family business who love to be around horses. Being around horses, for over 30 years and caring for our own for approx 27 years.In this time we have had the pleasure of competing in a number of disciplines and just riding where ever we can. We enjoy working with our equine friends and any challenges they may bring. We don't claim to know it all, as when around horses there is always something new that comes up, and what works for one horse may not work for the next. This is what we love about them. Horses always keep you actively thinking.

Equine Massage

Like humans, horses also get sore, tired muscles. We exercise them and work on improving them at a discipline of our choice. We bend the horse into a desired shape and generally the horse will do its best to keep its rider happy even if its not the most comfotable position for the horse. Massage helps to keep muscles supple and may help prevent injury whilst your enquine buddy is in work.

Horses may also suffer muscle sorness from playing with other horses in the paddock. Massage also promotes the muscle healing process and may reduce recovery time. Here at The Horse WorkShop we understand how beneficial massage is. We have on hand a qualified equine massuer gaining her qualifications through a well recognised and prestigious equine college at Glenormiston Vic.

Also available for outside consultations.


At the Horse WorkShop we believe in working with the horse and not against it. Using gentle methods to train or re-train your equine friend. Starting from the ground up, covering extensive ground work before even starting in the saddle, because face it, if you don't have any team work happening on the ground then there will be less if any happening in the saddle.

We build confidence in both the horse and rider. We offer complete care agistment while in training and professional refferal service with equine dental technicians, farriers and vets if required. As we transport throughout Victoria, arrangements can be made to have your equine friend picked up and delivered.

We have pricing structures to suit individual needs


The Horse WorkShop provides safe, reliable transport throughout Victoria. We have straight load and angle load transportation. Our rates are reasonable so please don't hesitate to give us a call or email [email protected] for a price.

If you want your horse trained but have no way of transporting it, wanting to go to a show, pony club, simply moving from one paddock to another or have broken down, give us a call.

EFL training, studied equine massage at Glenormiston, Natural Horsmanship, Involved in horses for over 30 years.

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