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We are passionate about dogs, dog training and dog welfare and provide a range of services to dog owners in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, and greater Melbourne area.

The Pawfectionist was created with a dream in mind...

To help dog owners live harmonious lives with their four-legged companions. To allow them the freedom to holiday without worrying where to leave their dog, The peace of mind to leave for work knowing that someone would be by to exercise and relax their dog while they are gone, and the joy and relief to have someone to help explore avenues to modify problem behaviours their dog is exhibiting.
With our walking, minding and consultation services in place, we aim to help lower the number of dogs in shelters and ultimately help owners live pawfect lives with their dogs. So how did we get to where we are today?

Our training approach...

is defined as relationship-based training influenced by the Koehler method. We believe that building a strong relationship with your dog is one of the key elements in dog training and behaviour modification. Without a strong foundation of trust and understanding of each dog individually, we will not be able to teach and lead them effectively. Finding out what motivates the dog, using it to elicit behaviours then interpreting the dog's body language to improve communication between dog and owner is our main focus in our training. We will reward desired behaviours by the dog and we will ignore or punish undesired behaviours, depending on what those behaviours are. We only use aversive techniques if we see it being in the best interests of you and the dog. Our aim is to make all training as fun and encouraging as possible for each dog.

Belinda, the founder and head trainer at The Pawfectionist, has successfully completed a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training and is continually searching for new ways to improve her skills and knowledge. Belinda has also attended an aggression workshop and a Science of Dog Behaviour and Training seminar, as well as researching Amichien Bonding, Behavioural Adjustment Training and Anxiety in dogs, just to name a few.

The Pawfectionist also works alongside Forever Friends Animal Rescue...

Forever Friends is a volunteer based, not for profit, organisation that exists to rescue healthy homeless animals from unnessary euthanasia in pounds and shelters across Victoria. Rescued animals are placed in foster care until such time that they can find their forever homes. The Pawfectionist works with Forever Friends foster carers and newly adopted owners to help them learn more about their dog and how to correct any behaviours the dogs have brought along from their previous life. For the organisation, this helps in creating more adoptable dogs, as well as ensuring they remain in their newly adopted homes.

All staff at The Pawfectionist have successfully completed training in Pet First Aid...

Run by PetTech, We highly recommend this course to all pet owners. It may one day save your pet's life.

Our Online Store - We stock only products dog owners really need...

Our experience in both training and caring for dogs has led us to launch our online store to provide easy access to high standard equipment and toys for dogs. We personally test all items found in our store and stand by their quality and value for money.

The items found in our store are there either because we personally use them or our clients have asked for them. We aim to stock no-nonsense, practical gear that every dog owner is looking for but sometimes struggles to find. If we haven't got something you are looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to find it for you.

Our Services

While our store may be growing fast, The Pawfectionist remains primarily a service business. That's because our passion is working with dogs in the real world.

We work 365 days a year caring for both ours and our clients dogs whether its giving them a second home when they need it, making sure they get their daily exercise or helping them (and their owners) improve their manners and social skills.

Behaviour Consults

Our consultation service is for anyone who wants to better understand and improve upon their dog's behaviour, as well as their own understanding of why their dog acts the way it does.

We do not discriminate based on breed or behaviour and can help with problems ranging from basic obedience or lead pulling to more difficult and problematic situations such high level anxiety, and aggressive dogs.

Initial sessions run for ~2 hours, and are priced at $175

Dog Minding

Dog minding is an "at home" service.

There are no cages or runs. Dog's are happy, loved, and free of kennel cough.
Food is provided by us unless you need you pet to stay on a specific diet.

Daily exercise as part of our walking groups is also included in the cost by default.

Availability is limited. Starting from $45 per day.

Dog Walking

Weekday sessions between 8am and 3pm. Sessions are ~1 hour in duration, excluding travel time.

Groups of 4-6 dogs - lots of fun, friends, games and some basic obedience too.

From $23 per walk.

If you have any questions at all about what we can offer you and your dog, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training

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