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   Good Puppy, Great Dog!

Toilet Training Day Care Socialisation Behaviour Shaping

How to create the right relationship with your Puppy

Veterinarians and Canine Behaviourists agree that the 6 to 16 week period is the most crucial developmental period in a dog's life.

At The PET Academy, we ensure that during this crucial period the correct behaviours are being shaped on a daily basis. This will give your puppy every opportunity to become a well-adjusted life-long member of your family.

Too often at this stage, many puppies are left at home alone during working hours. This will usually result in the creation of their own undesirable behaviours, due to lack of guidance many of which will need correction at a later date. When ‘ou place your puppies in our care, we do not give them the opportunity to form these behaviours such as:
    Incorrect toileting habits
    Indiscriminate chewing
    Inappropriate barking
    Jumping on visitors
    Separation anxiety
    Digging ...etc
Using reward based training and positive reinforcement we redirect and shape your puppies behaviours to make them successful members of your household.

The Puppy Education & Training Academy

Our hours are:
7:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Friday

The Puppy Basics program, which is a 10-day course individually tailored to meet your puppy’s personality.

Daycare is available to graduates of any Delta CGC accredited puppy class.

To help those busy puppy parents we offer overnight stays.

First Grooming Session:
Your puppy will be exposed to a grooming environment in a slow positive manner.

Home Consultation:
We can recommend ways to “puppy-proof” your home, to help settle the newest member of your family into your home.

Retail Products:
The PET Academy carries a quality range of food and accessories for your puppy:
    Food - Wide variety of all natural treats and take home packs of all natural meals.
    Accessories - Toys, leads, collars, crates, hand-made settle mats and much more.
Limited spaces available to ensure quality care.

The Pet Academy 10 Day Program
For Puppies aged between 6 to 22 weeks

Toilet Training
setting correct surface preference (usually grass).

Crate Training
for travel safety and quiet time.

Diet & Nutrition
3 meals provided daily based on Billinghurst’s natural diet.

Environmental Enrichment
your puppy learns what to play with and how to play with it.

Grooming & Handling Acceptance
creates a dog who happily and readily accepts visits to the vets, brushing, clipping ...etc.

Bite Inhibition
creates safety and tolerance around children and strangers.

Word Association
learns to look when name is called and understanding of cues.

Basic Obedience
introduction to Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Settle, Stand and walking on a loose lead.

Extensive Supervised Socialisation
your pup is exposed to a full range of experiences which occur during normal daily life and is taught how to respond to anything new.

Puppy handler classes
each week, on the night of your choice you will learn how to cue your puppy’s newly acquired behaviours.

Our Delta Accredited instructors

Delta Society Accredited CGC Instructor
Member APDTA (Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia)
Mobile: 0422 816 189

Delta Society CGC Certificate IV, Canine behavioural trainer
Member APDTA (Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia)
Mobile: 0414 386 693

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