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The Pet Practitioner

Leanne Wilson
New South Wales 2000
M0402 313 104
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   • Natural therapies for physical and behavioural problems in animals • Safe and easy to administer medicines • Homeopathy • Nutrition, diet, and supplements • Home visits to save you time and less stressful for your pet.

I manage animal health problems using natural medicines, health strategies, diet and nutritional advice. I am an experienced homeopath, and have qualifications in animal homeopathy, pathology and nutrition.

I am passionate about helping animals achieve optimum health and live happy and pain free lives.

Health problems that respond using nutrition and natural medicines include -


Ear infections, skin allergies, pyoderma/hot spots, gastritis/vomiting, enteritis/diarrhoea, urinary tract infections, benign skin growths, osteoarthritis, eye inflammation, hypothyroidism, and diabetes.


Anxiety; obsessive compulsive behaviour; adapting to a new animal or baby arriving in the home; fretting when alone, ease fear and stress when travelling (car, plane), or if being boarded during holidays.

I believe using nutrition and homeopathic medicine can assist with most health problems improving the animal's quality of life.

The Consult

During the visit I will note the animal’s physical symptoms, and find out more about his/her behaviour and temperament, health history and diet.

I will also take into consideration any diagnosis and clinical test results received from your vet. Through analysing this information I will prescribe a homeopathic medicine and provide dietary advice where appropriate.

Home visits

Home visits within Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and Inner West - $130 which includes:

- a homeopathic consultation including one prescribed medicine
- advice on recommended supplements
- diet and nutritional advice where appropriate
- a follow-up telephone review two weeks later

For consultations outside these areas please contact me for a price to include travelling costs, or to make alternative arrangements.

Follow up consults $90 + medicine

Telephone Consult

$110 including consult, one medicine and postage (within Australia only)


Homeopathic medicines $20
Supplements and other products: Recommended retail price

Payment is required at the time of consult.
Cash; and Australian Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards are accepted by PayPal Here.

Your pet relies on you for their wellbeing - contact me today for more information.
All enquiries welcome - phone 0402 313 104

Diploma of Animal Homeopathy, STFCAH
Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) Charles Sturt University
Diploma of Classical Homeopathy, Naturecare College
Professional member of the Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA)
A.R.O.H. registered


I came to Leanne because I was worried about my cat. She had a large bald patch under her chin which she continued to lick until it bled. She had been doing this for weeks and wouldn’t stop. I tried bandaging it but she always got the bandage off. When I raised my concern to Leanne, she asked me a few questions and diagnosed Angel with stress related anxiety. Leanne gave me some drops to give Angel and the results were almost immediate. Within days Angel’s neck was healing and she was back to being a happy cat. I would highly recommend Leanne. I can’t thank her enough.
J. Van Gestel, Newcastle NSW

Leanne has successfully treated my dog and cats for the past two years. We have had great success with an old dog who joined our family when his owner was unable to care for him any longer. Nick had significant chronic health issues and had difficulty settling into family life, even though he was very familiar with us. With Leanne’s compassion, understanding and careful case analysis, Nick is now a healthy, happy and well-adjusted part of our family. We have not had to visit the vet with him for a long time. With Leanne’s guidance and homoeopathic support we have successfully settled a new kitten into our family and helped our other cat regain his equilibrium after the new arrival.
K. Schweigert, Clovelly NSW

Leanne came out to see Leo, our 11 year old Labrador as he has testicular cancer, and due to his age the vet is unable to operate.
At the time I had Leo on a natural anti-parasite regime. Leanne prescribed for Leo some homeopathic drops, and a couple of supplements in the hope of slowing the advancement of the growth and reduce inflammation. After 6 weeks even the vet was impressed that Leo was again full of energy, the hard growth which was the size of a 50 cent piece was no longer apparent, and the testicle had returned to its normal size.
Leanne is now helping us with natural arthritis treatments for Leo, but already he is starting to behave like his younger self.
Gaby, Newington NSW

Leanne is a gifted and amazing homeopath/animal healer. My cat Tesla is one of those highly strung animals with a variety of health issues and a feisty temperament. She had a terrible reaction (acute kidney failure) to a drug that the vet put her on for a back injury (from rooftop prowling) and was sad, angry, listless and off her food. It was horrible.
Within a day of the medication Leanne prescribed for her, she was back to her usual self, bright eyed and shiny of fur. It was fast and effective – better still, it was fantastic knowing that the remedy could not harm her at all in any way. Leanne has a lovely presence, listens avidly and gets fabulous results for humans and animals. She has a wealth of knowledge and amazing energy. I totally recommend her to anyone."
J. Norman, Erskineville NSW

I have been using Leanne’s services for over a year now, I originally got her in because nothing could help my cat Izzy get over her excruciating urinary tract infection which left her urinating blood all over the house, I tried antibiotics and steroids but it just kept returning.
Leanne came to the house which is so convenient and straight away and I could tell Izzy was at ease around her, she seemed to have a way with animals, which endeared them to her. Izzy was relaxed and seemed to know Leanne was here to help her, Izzy walked over to Leanne and stood there and let Leanne feel for any inflammation, sign of infection and general health... read more >>
N. Judge, Coogee NSW

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