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Marc Gafen
ASuite 20, 20 Maddox Street
New South Wales 2000
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Dog portrait specialists

Welcome to The Phodographer

Any true dog lover will tell you that a dog is more than a dog - he or she is a four-legged family

And anyone who is close to a true dog lover would agree!

That’s why dog photography is such a special gift. If you’re a dog owner and would like to brighten up your home (and your day), or you’re looking for the ultimate gift for a proud pooch parent, you can’t go past the professional services of The Phodographer.

Meet The Phodographer

Marc Gafen - notorious dog lover, award-winning photographer and editor of Australia’s leading professional photography magazine, Capture - is The Phodographer.

Well-known and respected in the industry, some of Marc’s career highlights include having a dog food campaign he shot for the internationally acclaimed advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi shortlisted at the prestigious Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, being accepted into the Fuji ACMP Australian Photographers Collection, becoming a finalist in the Yellowglen Young Photographer of the YearAwards and, last but not least, combining his love of photography with his love of dogs by opening The Phodographer in 2008.

Marc’s passion for his work is palpable - no one is more dedicated to capturing the true spirit of every dog who sits (stands, runs, plays, pants, barks, begs or drools) in front of his lens. From lazy to lively, short-haired to shaggy, Chihuahuas to Great Danes, all dogs are elevated to supermodel status when Marc is holding the camera.

Why choose the Phodographer?

The Great Outdoors

They don’t call it ‘the great outdoors’ for nothing. Studios may be practical but they’re not the best place to capture your dog’s unique character or create lasting memories of your time together. All shoots by The Phodographer take place outside or, as we say in the business, ‘on location’ - at your home, local park or natural setting of your choice - where your dog is free to be the dog you know and love. And if you bring along some props, such as their favourite ball, stick or toy, we might even be able to catch them in the act.

Dog People

At The Phodographer, we are dog people. Not cat people. Not wedding people. Not family
portraiture people. Not fashion people. We specialise in photographing dogs - and only dogs.
That’s why we’re so good at it.

A True Professional

As they say, you get what you pay for. So, if you’re serious about investing in some lasting images of your dog, make sure you choose someone who is experienced - not only with dogs, but with photography. Yes, it will cost a little extra. But it may cost you a lot more if you’re not careful - in the form of time, money, energy and, worst of all, a poor result. A professional photographer is experienced and charges accordingly for his or her time and expertise. Do not be fooled by a big camera and a small fee. By choosing The Phodographer, you are engaging the services of Sydney’s premier ‘on location’ dog portraiture specialist.

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